Wednesday, January 25, 2012

mucking around

You may remember a while back I was experimenting with mixed media. The first few were pretty awful. But I liked this one.

I put it on my mantel to see if it was something I would want to look at on a regular basis.

I did, so I decided to make some more. Here are two of them. You can get a better look at them if you click on the pictures.

 I added pine needles to this one.

 Paint, an old fox picture, a vintage map of Canada, string and seeds.

It's an utterly absorbing process. Like taking a long walk or swimming. Maybe it's a bridge to painting, or maybe it just is what it is.


  1. That'd what we so badly need: an utterly absorbing process to take us away from all this interneting. Perhaps I should print out this page of your blog and add some things. Coins, petals, vanilla pods. Make some more, Jen!

  2. Love This ! The fox is my favorite one !!! Do MORE ! they are very very cool


  3. i find them really good to look at. my favorite must be the one with the fox!
    and i totally understand what you mean about becoming absorbed by the process. i feel the same when i draw : )

  4. Hello Jen:
    We can well imagine how you become absorbed in this creative process,.... the selection of the materials, the creation of the composition, the consideration of colours, the much to think about and so therapeutic to be making something of beauty. Our favourite is the rabbit.

  5. I love the colour and composition of the rabbit picture.My favourite colours, so close to nature.

  6. I work on the computer all day long, doing something with my hands always feels great and I can't stop.

    I love your collages. especially the one with the map of Canada :)


  7. The rabbit sits well there on the mantle between the pine needles. I also do like the others.

  8. You are also conscious about the composition like the painters as you put the rabbits on your mantelpiece that makes me comfortable to see as well as the interesting pictures. Thank you!

  9. I love these! Especially the fox!!

  10. They're delightful Jen! Love the rabbit.