Wednesday, January 11, 2012

what lies within

What do you call a quilt that isn't quilted (like a duvet whose cover is sewn shut)? Anyway, I bought one along with a lot of vintage embroidered tea towels like these, which was probably a mistake. I find them whimsical and charming, but almost nobody who comes into my store seems to.

Back to the quilt that isn't a quilt. One side has this adorable fabric, which looks like it's from the 1940's or 50's. (edited to add: It's big enough to fit a double bed.)

The other side is covered with embroidered animals.

There are many more. Pretty wonderful, I thought. However, whatever it was stuffed with felt weird and lumpy. Raw wool? Old sweaters? Weird enough that I couldn't contemplate selling it as is. It took me months before I finally unstitched it to see what was within, fearing what? Fleas? Bad smells? Monsters? This is what I found:

 A lovely quilt, in great condition. The reverse side is flannel.

It's in the store now. I haven't done anything with the cover. I think I will sell it as is. Someone can use it as a duvet cover. It would look cute in a retro-style bedroom.


  1. I love the last image of the animal pushing the carriage. The quilt was a find for you.
    I am sure they will find a great and welcoming home

    Helen x

  2. How amazing to find the quilt! The cover on the outside looks like it belonged on a childs bed.It is obvious someone took the time to make a lovely quilt from their oddments of fabric.

  3. Wow double header!

    I love them both.

    Wish I knew of a baby who would need a little quilt...

    xo jane

  4. What a find!! Love those tea towels, they're a lot like what you see in Anthropologie. Maybe you can label them "anthro knockoffs' and see what happens?

  5. what a lucky girl you are!!! the quilt is lovely and the embroidered animals are simply fabulous. i have a few of those tea towels. my mother has found them for me when she's off rummaging. i think they are wonderful and she has orders to buy them whenever she sees them.....i guess i should send her your direction. they make adorable cafe curtains in a kitchen.

  6. that must have been some surprise ! you just never know what treasures lie around covered up that are all around us.

    - KAT-

  7. Handworks look warm and actually make our hearts warm. The quilt is a New Year present for you by yourself. Great!

  8. fearing what? Fleas? Bad smells? Monsters?
    Isn't it funny how we put off discovering what's within because of these sorts of fears?

  9. these are simply beautiful finds. they fit the style of your shop perfectly : )

  10. These are lovely!! Isn't whimsical a gorgeous word?!! IT has a whimsy all of its own!!!


  11. I fell in love with the unquilted quilt and when I saw what was inside I almost cried with joy. Beautiful!! What a wonderful find! I love the towels too.

  12. I love embroidered dish towels too! But I also found that no one bought them. Weird! Thanks so much for mentioning Urban Cottage! It was off my radar. I went looking for the recent transferware post. I may have to copycat some ideas!