Sunday, January 29, 2012

last weekend, in the Catskills

 You knew I'd feel better after a weekend in the store, didn't you? I'd just been away too long. Doesn't it look like those ducks are racing? Like they're trying to get into the duck Olympics?

Oops, some of them are going their own way now. That is the creek that runs through Margaretville. It should be frozen but we're having a weirdly warm winter. Where do ducks go in winter?

I guess the race is over. Now they are just doing random charming duck things. Speaking of ducks...

I took the duck sleigh to the store.

And Smokey the Bear pencils, which I am giving away. 

If your life is not complete without a Smokey the Bear pencil, email me your address--jen (at) countryweekend (dot) net, and I will send you one. (International friends included.) It will take a while, because they're at the store and I'm not going back for a few weeks. But you'll forget about it, and then be all excited when you get real mail with a stamp and everything.



  1. Okey dokey! Honestly, I can't wait for my Smokey the Bear pencil. You're going to run up a bit of a shipping bill here Jen, or is it just me? Ha.

  2. Rubye Jack--an opportunity to spread some Smokey the Bear/Catskill/whimsy/love? Worth every penny.

  3. Ahhhh Jen! You're back! You've reconnected with the store, the Catskills, and Margaretville! The "duck races" were just what you needed. :-) I love Smokey the Bear pencils. Every year the Forestry folks bring Smokey to our child development center to visit with the children and share information about fire safety. Of course the little tractor holding the pencils is also just awesome! Enjoy your week... the next time you pass by the Public Garden.. say hello for me to Mama duck and her ducklings. Those Boston ducks are pretty special too!

  4. I'm exciting just to read your lovely post. Although I've never known the pencil with the name of Smokey the Bear, I'm in the far east, too far. But I can enjoy your blog , Jen.

  5. great pics. it does look like the duck olympics :) glad you are feeling better!!!

    happy monday!

  6. I like it when you are at the store. It just feels right to me, I guess because it's how I first met you on your blog. I have loved Smokey since I was a small kid. He always made me feel safe. The duck pictures are great. Hope you have an awesome week!

  7. Susan--that's wonderful that Smokey still goes one the road. Such an enduring symbol--I remember him from my childhood! Make Way for Ducklings is one of the best books ever--I am reminded of it when I visit the Public Garden, which is indeed a special place.

    Haricot--Smokey the Bear is an iconic figure who has been used in public service education to help prevent wildfires since the 1940's. He is a friendly bear who wears a forest ranger hat. By the way, I would be happy to end a little package to Japan.

    Thanks, Petra. Hope you have a great week too!

    In My Wild Eden--This blog really is supposed to be about the store--good and bad, so I'm glad to hear that's what you think of. It's amazing how long Smokey has been in the public eye--such an enduring and endearing figure!

  8. Hi Jen, Just quickly, I have nominated your lovely blog for the versatile blogger award, check out my blog for full details.X

  9. Lovely ducks! Have a great week, love Linda x

  10. your shop ( and both the real and not real ducks) are just lovely Jen!

  11. Jen,
    Ducks are fun, (cute pics) especially when in racing mode! Glad you got your store "on"! Sometimes when we are away from things, we lose our enthusiasum and it just takes a little time or inspiration to get it back. From the pic, the store looks great and someone will really love the little duck sled!

  12. Hello Jen, thankyou so much for your encouraging words, they mean a lot. Glad you enjoyed the walk. Have a wonderful weekend, with much love Linda x

  13. i always wonder about the ducks. we have them all winter too. they DO look like a regatta racing.
    oh, smokey. when i was wee we visited the real smokey the bear who was rescued from the forest fire at the washington zoo. (i think it was the washington zoo). he was very old and i was very young.
    i like you being at the store too. i get the sense it feeds you, that it fires you up.