Saturday, February 28, 2015

grilled cheese and greenhouses

For me, coping with the winter blues requires big books,
 cats, tea and grilled cheese sandwiches. 

When that doesn't work I force myself
to get out and see something new.

Like a splashy Joan Snyder painting

and greenhouses filled with flowers and foliage.

print by Mary Cassatt
A few days ago I went to the Harvard Art Museums
and felt like I could see again.

and today I visited the greenhouses at the Lyman Estate.

Is there anything like the smell of a greenhouse?

It was as though I'd been holding my breath for a month
and finally I could breathe again.

Monday, February 23, 2015


15th century, from Faenza, Italy

I seem to have hit the bloggers wall. I drafted a post
about the ceramics museum in Faenza,
but it seemed too impersonal.

With four feet of snow in my yard, I've carved out a little haven
for birds and squirrels by day, and rabbits by night.

I drafted a post on overcoming my fear of flying,
but it seemed too personal.

Masa and Aji
I am engulfed in winter, but all is well and
I just wanted to say hello.

xo, Jen

Friday, February 13, 2015

snow days

 November, December, January,
I was constantly on the go.
Brooklyn, Catskills, Brooklyn, Italy.
Art, food, people, landscapes, cityscapes,
so much new to experience.

Now I am back in my familiar world
traveling through books
observing cats and birds
painting, writing, wondering, wandering.

Right now it's all about the snow.
66 inches in 16 days.
Too cold to melt, more on the way.

It's as though we in the Boston area, live in a science fiction novel;
it begins to seem possible that is will snow forever.

We tell ourselves that spring will come,
but there is a tiny corner of doubt.