Friday, January 13, 2012

hello, my baby bumble bees

1912 sheet music (in case you're wondering...)

I was supposed to go to the Catskills this weekend, but we are worried the pipes in our Massachusetts house will freeze and burst (which happened last winter) since it's going down to 5 degrees, and also a few family things are going on, so here I stay. Have I ever told you that I'm afraid to stay in the Catskills house by myself? Something about being in the woods with no neighbors in sight... If that wasn't the case I'd be up there more, and this weekend could leave my husband at home watching for frozen pipes. Of course I can stay with friends but I only want to do that when it's really necessary. And it isn't, since Harriet can watch the store this weekend. So I'm going to watch football, and read, and maybe bake cookies--relax like normal people with semi-grown children do on frigid weekends. 

This is the deer I bought at the flower shop in Manhattan I wrote about last week. They (you know, they) say that things look better grouped in odd numbers, but I do like to break the rules.

In this case I don't think odd is better than even. Though perhaps it's this particular trio. The barnacle covered shell brings out the plastic in the pot (not in a good way). And maybe the deer is a little offended too. Thinks she and the primrose deserve something prettier.

And you deserve something pretty too. Thanks to a tip from Susan of South of Macon:

Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!



  1. That little pink deer is so precious, and I love that color of pink.
    It's hard to stay in the country alone the first couple of nights but then you get used to the sounds and then to the quiet. Regardless, have a great weekend Jen.

  2. Everything in my house will be checked for odd numbers today. If they say so, it must be true. I'll have an odd number of sentences in this comment, Just In Case.

  3. Jen... The cold weather has come to South Georgia. Our low was in the 20s this morning and we expect the same for tomorrow. We do ok with chilly weather, but any ice or snow just freaks us out! We are grateful for not having to deal with either of those.

    I loved your sheet music and it lead me to "google" to learn more. I found this on youtube... hope you enjoy!
    Oh..btw... love the little deer! Stay warm and enjoy your at home weekend.

  4. I had a small saized sheet music, called sono sheet, when I was child. So nostalgic! And this one looks really vintage good. You have variety of way to enjoy your life, Jen.

  5. you always have such unique items to show. I love to see what you post. the pink deer and purple potted flower are very sweet together (feminine) and the crusted shell is wonderful yet very different (masculine )

    Happy Saturday

  6. Rubye--It's hard to tell in the picture, but that shade of pink is close to coral. They had a lighter pink one which I didn't like as much.

    Mise--You seem to have a touch of the rebel in you, so it wouldn't surprise me to find you defying all decorating dictum and ensuring that cushions and vignettes are gathered in groups of 2, 4, or 6.

    Susan--You guys just aren't prepared for snow and ice. In the NE half of our town budgets go into snowplows and sand. Can't wait to see what you found. The graphics on some old sheet music is wonderful.

    Haricot--I haven't seen much small size sheet music. That would be nice for children.

    Kat--That's a really interesting way to think of it (masculine and feminine).

  7. Hello Jen:
    We have delighted in the old 'Bumble Bee'recording although fear that it is rather catchy and we may find ourselves humming the tune all evening.

    When we lived deep in the Herefordshire countryside we were always thrilled that the very dark skies with no trace of orange sodium lights allowed us to gaze at the stars in wonder. We miss that now we are city dwellers.

    Your post has prompted us that 2012 must be the year that we get our old wind-up gramophone working. So useful for dancing in the great outdoors!!

    Although somewhat belated, Happy New Year!!

  8. Sweet little deer! and that sheet music is so pretty, it could be framed and put up in a pretty bedroom or nursery... I bet if you brought some funny videos and had a nice Irish coffee, you would be able to sleep happily in your Catskill cabin...

  9. Jane and Lance--I too love the skies at night in the country. The stars seem to go on forever. How wonderful that you have a wind-up gramophone--I can picture you dancing on a summer evening under the stars.

    Anne--It would be perfect framed. The old graphics are wonderful and the colors are subtly. Hard to believe it's 100 years old.

    Renee--Isn't it? I swear it has a personality.

  10. What an adorable little deer. It would be great to have you join me at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. A lavender flavored cupcake would be nice in that spot as a third item...if a bit temporary. Or a small amethyst geode, which would do dandy things for both the pot and the wood.

  12. Hi Jen!

    your little pink deer is adorable : )
    the 1912 music sheet is something is would certainly like to own ...
    is it getting on your etsy shop soon ?

  13. What a fun song! Such great vintage sound. Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope your weekend was wonderful!