Monday, January 9, 2012


Friends--with the help of your comments, hundred of pictures on pinterest, and some long walks, I am close to working out my problems with the look of the store. I realized that it isn't just a matter of painting walls, or adding shelves, but more conceptual. And the vision I came up with is close to the original one I had for the store. But in the reality of setting up, stocking, and running a store (something I have zero experience in, and do much of from a distance) I got away from the vision in small but meaningful ways. So here's the vision, conceptually illustrated with pictures I've taken over the last year. Next I have to figure out how to execute and maintain it, but I think this will help me do that.

area one--the main room, now painted white with porch green floor.
lake, wildflowers, spring, watercolors, cottage, green, blue, white, touches of warm colors moving into summer

Area 2 : A transition space and the one I am having the most trouble with--white wall area from the desk to the red wall area---definitely need to paint this area
pond, farmhouse, ferns, summer, bay, mountains, sky, farmers market, landscape

Area three- red walls and wide pine floor
 rust, barn, workshop, autumn, forest, natural wood, cabin.

I am also considering whether to dedicate a wall or two to hanging art, salon style.

What do you think?



  1. Love all your concepts and totally get them.

    salon style wall? you betcha!

    xo Jane

  2. Sounds wonderful. The sort of shopping experience that makes you want to linger a while and makes you want to take a little piece of it home with you!

  3. I'm sure that your customers will be helped by your conceptual arrangement. And when you add some goods at the store it will be helpful. Nice idea, Jen!

  4. Jen,
    sounds like you have a well thought out plan. Once you impliment it, I'm sure it will be fabulous! Will be looking forward to seeing photos! If you get a chance, stop by, I've posted pics of our old store.

  5. Jen,
    just caught up on a few previous posts that I've missed. Regarding your paint dilemma, I love white but white walls are to cold for me and I'm not a fan of real bold colors either. I like a nice warm neutral that unites everything such as a taupe, creamy brown, soft grey or even a mossy green (if that, it would have to be one that blended with the floor which I love).I would want a nice warm background that sets off my merchandise, not compete with it. Then you could get your pops of color from the art, painted furniture and accessories. Just my opinnion, can't wait to see what you decide!
    PS. You might want to check out Sherri at Inside Out Design, (she's on my side bar), she just did a post about usig paint boards to pick color, She's got some great colors on some of the sample boards.

  6. Hi Jen, I think your concepts are great. If the first area is Spring into Summer and the last area is Autumn/Winter, then the transitional area could be late summer. I think the area behind the counter would be great for hanging all those interesting signs you have. I love the idea of a designated Art area too, as it is something you are very interested in, and gives it more clout. I hadn't actually realised that you lived in two places. Enjoy your bit of 'me' time.

    Many thanks for your visit and lovely comments. You are right there is so much to be learned about composition from these photographs and paintings. Have a great week, love Linda x

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