Thursday, January 26, 2012


looking out

Opening a store was a pretty crazy thing to do. Nothing in my background, except a tendency to act impulsively and the fact that my father had an antiques business, would lead anyone who knows me to think I would do such a thing. 

looking in

When I'm in the store it feels right. When I'm away from it, which I usually am, I often wonder why I'm doing it--putting all this effort into what boils down to perpetuating consumerism. 


I'm sure this is partly the winter blahs, and the fact that I've been going there less often. When I'm there the store feels alive and right. I hope this weekend, my doubts will be put to rest, and that I will find motivation to continue this particular journey.


  1. But Jen, you give your wares life and character. Your store is a piece of installation art, and so long as you find it satisfying, it is surely a good thing to do.

  2. I try to remember that everything is just as it should be in my life today.

    The same would apply to you.

    So breathe easy.

    And make more art:)

    xo Jane

  3. You have objective eye for your own feeling and act, and I think it is important. The views express it well.

  4. "perpetuating consumerism" -- geez Jen someone has got to do the dirty deed. jk

    I understand what you're saying but the thing is work and making money are so very much of what and who we are in our society. I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing even though I lean toward socialism. It is what we do with the money we make that gives us redemption as capitalists.

    And, on top of the making of money, is the idea of making something out of nothing and having a goal to strive toward. Owning your own store, I would think, gives you so much opportunity to be a viable part of a community, an opportunity for creativity, and an opportunity to get to know others. We can always go down into the streets and live with the downtrodden but it seems that real change is not created in that way. It is created by people like yourself working hard and spreading the good word of care. Hang in there sweetie!

    You sound a bit tired perhaps? Or, if it were me I would be finding myself doing the same sort of questioning because I needed a new project. Whatever. Questioning one's self is always a good thing.

    1. Excellent post and very thoughtful, Rubye Jane. Great perspective and wisdom. As another poster said to Jen, Breathe! and breathe again and deeper.
      Sign me,
      an appreciative lurker
      High and dry in Denver
      (not that kind of "High!"

  5. Just imagine yourself in your lovely little store. Think of all the enjoyment you experience when you arrange or have a new display idea! The excitement of a new find for the store or your lovely new sign and logo! Sounds like a good case of winter blahs for sure. I can imagine that Boston can be cruel in winter... however, the one visit my husband and I made there was in July and it was marvelous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and safe travels there and home!

  6. perpetuating consumerism... an interesting thought. our economy is based on us consuming things, it just got out of control. I think what you are doing in your store has nothing to do with consumerism. the fact that you even think along those lines... :)

    I think it's great that you went for an experience like this!!!

    have a great weekend xx

  7. Yeah, it probably is because you aren't there as much. These pictures are all awesome!

  8. I agree with Petra, your sweet store isn't a consumerism oriented thing... you're sharing things you like and giving people a chance to enjoy them too! Small shops like yours are the best kind of business, exactly what the American dream is built on!

  9. Hi Jen, sorry I am a little late to your post. Sorry you have a touch of the blues, I am sure it's just the time of year.

    I think from what I have seen of your store, it's less to do with consumerism and more to do with nature, and art, and social history, and connecting with your locality, those are definitely good things, and you should be proud. If some people don't get it, well that's too bad.

    My mum used to always say 'the place you need, needs you'.I am sure the Catskills are better off for having Jen around! Keep your chin up. Love and big hugs, Linda x