Thursday, June 25, 2015

a country weekend

After the four hour drive, up Weaver Hollow Road, then a steep plunge down to our house.

frog pond at dusk
 I walk the property, making sure all is well.

buttercups, rocks, lichen and brook

the blue hills of the western Catskills

 Water and wildflowers, wildflowers and water.

the waterfall
 Wandering, gazing, pondering.

frog pond by day

orange hawkweed a/k/a devil's paintbrush

Ferns, lichen, moss. Stones, bluets, blackberries. Every day in the same places I would seen new things, things anew. There were friends and family, lovingly prepared meals, country roads, farmers markets, my favorite used books store, a gallery opening for a dear friend. I exhale, take a deep breath, breathe.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

green land, pink sea

It was exactly a year ago that the phrase 
"green land, pink sea" occurred to me, 
as I observed the fat round peony buds.
(see the end of this post)

I obsessed on that vision for a while, painting it, writing a poem.
I moved on, but now I'm there again 
looking for meaning in a flower.

This year, I've been observing the peonies closely,
even reading a bit of an old botany text to try to understand.
Again I'm wondering what can I do with it?

Nothing is better than the thing itself.