Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Back to Brooklyn

Boris Anisfeld (Russian, 1879-1973) 'Clouds Over the Black Sea--Crimea', 1906.

Hello Friends,

So many changes. I've moved to Brooklyn, mainly because of the little scamp pictured above--my granddaughter Lyra. She fills my heart, my life, she is a gift. I lived in Brooklyn in the 80's and have never felt as at home as I do here. It's crowded, cacophonous, falling apart. But so much beauty in the people. As the world outside my little bubble grows uglier, I find people get kinder. People I don't even know--just passing on the street, or holding a door open. The baby is so friendly--she beams at all we see, and they beam back.

I just finished a profound book--The Overstory, by Richard Powers. I can't even talk about it--it's still so close. My other favorite books of the past couple years are Mink River and The Plover, both by Brian Doyle. They are all intertwined with nature, friendship, love, sorrow, beauty...

I hope you too are finding kindness in your travels.