Monday, January 23, 2012

simple beauty

Yesterday morning I went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (above) and had the same experience I've had the last few times I've gone to large museums. I couldn't get past the dark and heavy European galleries fast enough. I needed the simplicity, the calmness, the breathing room of Asian art.

I felt the same way when I looked at flowers today, in the supermarket where choices are limited and bouquets are busy. Delicately colored tulips in my favorite rustic pitcher? Perfectly simple/simply perfect. 

Joining the always delightful and charming Flowers in the House here.


  1. I also prefer Asian over European, and the tulips are beautiful--more so than the extravagant arrangements we so often see nowadays. I miss Trader Joe's because you could often get a bunch of daffodils or tulips at the checkout stand for only $1.

  2. They are simply perfect, as is that pitcher.

    Helleborus...hmm did I back the wrong flower?

    Thank you for joining in. It's more fun when all my friends come.

    xo Jane

  3. I'm the same. I love gentleness and simplicity...although I never say no to a huge bouquet either!!!!


  4. Your flowers are lovely Jen, love the sculpture too. Thanks for your kind comments, I am very flattered. Much love, Linda x

  5. I prefer the less is more approach too. but I have to say, I find the baby head a bit spooky :)

    Happy Monday!!

  6. This is a good month for simplicity. Love the pitcher with those tulips. (I'm a sucker, though for European art, but after the opulence of Christmas, clean lines and natural colors are a balm).

  7. Rubye--TJ's really does have some good flower deals. We, who live close to such places, are spoiled!

    Jane--this is the only blog party I participate in. You make it so easy!

    Sarah-- I never say no to flowers either. Love them all!

    Thanks Linda!

    Petra--there is another baby sculpture that's the same, except its eyes are open, and it really did look creepy in the picture I took. In person they are round and funny.

    Thanks, Alicia!

    Shelley--I just kept getting caught in rooms of old portraits of scary stern men. That museum is a maze. Give me some nice still lifes or landscapes please.

  8. Awesome pictures! Love the baby head!

  9. Maybe it's a stretch, but I see the arrangement mirroring the art.

    Tulips are one of my faves too, I also used them in my arrangement for the party, but in a much louder way!


  10. I like simple too. Your flowers are beautiful! Thanks for visiting me.

  11. I'm belonged to Asian so I'm longing for European, too much decolative room as Palaces are overwhelming for me though.
    I love your rustic picher.

  12. Jen,
    I love simplicity also, the tulips in the pitcher, gorgeous, just my style. Thanks for the BD wishes for the boy!

  13. Asian style has always resonated with me, esp Japanese homes. Would love to see more examples of what you like.