Wednesday, January 18, 2012

winter art

                 farm scene, recently purchased at auction

More and more I find myself wanting to completely cover the store walls with vintage art. I've been collecting store inspiration pictures on pinterest--look how many of them show that very thing.

                                       portrait, recently purchased at auction

Though we have had little snow this year it is bleak and cold. I want to linger in museums, study my art books, and take out my paints. I was a studio art major in college, and painted for pleasure occasionally after, but I never took myself seriously as a visual artist. Two winters ago I took it up again for a season, and now once more I find myself wanting to lose myself in color and form and inner landscapes.

I am going to the store less--there is very little business in the winter, and I need a break from the long drive. So for the next few months it will only be open Saturdays (except for holiday weekends) and I will probably go up every third week. For now, my weekends are better spent reading, visiting museums, and, for at least one more Sunday, watching football.


  1. I love the farm scene so much! I think the walls are going to be wonderful and I love that you paint.

  2. How lovely Jen, I am very excited for you. Enjoy! Love Linda x

  3. I love the pictures you posted on your post.I would love to be able to paint but I am not in the least bit artistic.

  4. Hello Jen:
    Covering the store walls with art.....a marvellous idea. And, we do like the idea of your taking up your art studies and painting once more. That all sounds most exciting. Go for it!!

  5. Your art history itself is a little vintage, in other word you're a connoisseur of art. I wish I could paint.Your weekend is colourful, Jen.
    And thank you very much for your leaving comment when I had difficulties about computer.
    I was so encouraged.

  6. I love the first one! I would like to start painting again too.

  7. enjoy the winter ! I'm trying to get motivated to pull out my paint too. please share your art with us ! how about joining in on Paint party Friday blog.


  8. Jen,
    your 2 art pieces are fabulous! Covering the walls would really make a statement! Slowing down a bit during the slow winter months can be a rejuvenating experience. If your interest in painting has resurfaced, go for it! Nothing is more rewarding then letting our creative juices flow!

  9. filling your walls with art is a splendid idea. do it do it!! it will make your shop so homey and cozy.
    and i do hope you're planning to show us a few paintings of your own. wxciting thing are afoot.

  10. sound a splendid way to spent your "free" weekends.
    i like vintage art and i always buy a pinting or two if i find something on the charity shop.
    hope you`ll start painging again.
    hope we get to see some of your work : )

    happy weekend to you

  11. Yes, go back to painting! If the fire is in your heart then you must do it! Like the painting you bought. You have just animated me to go to a museum this weekend as well! Thank you! Christa