Friday, November 4, 2011

rough hewn

I have a strong belief in personal geography--the places that have shaped us, that we return to, in some form, again and again. My early childhood was spent in a Virginia farmhouse surrounded by second-growth woods--farmland that had reverted back to nature.

Yuri and Vera, our friends in Italy, have several buildings on their property including the main house, elaborately renovated by its previous owner "the Count". But that is not the one I took pictures of.
This is. Known as "the barn", which I suppose it was at one time, and later converted to a house and then gone to ruin.

We had an old log barn near our house in Virginia, but I did not spend much time there--it was dark, and there were spiders and snakes. And yet this ruin resonated with me. I was enchanted by its revelations. Alterations made in later years have worn away to show the early bones.

The ceiling is woven with sticks and logs.

Plaster walls worn away in places

revealing the sticks (reeds?) that form the framing of the walls.

Plaster covers brick which covers

stones cobbled together.

a faded pink wall

layers of paint

a rough hewn door. 

And there, as I write, my subconscious reveals itself. My father named our property in Virginia "Rough Hewn" something I have not thought of in many years. It's all connected, isn't it?


  1. old buildingreveal a lot. sometimes forgoten things from our past...
    i like the fact that you print Yeats and share it to your customers
    what a lovely thing to do : )

  2. As Demie wrote, something reminds us of forgotten things in many ways. Your trip was evocative enough , it seems.

  3. That's so awesome! I love buildings like that.

  4. Hello Jen:
    We too love the way beautiful old buildings, such as this one which you picture, resonate with a romance and allure which makes them immediately appealing. Here the remains of old paint colours trigger the imagination to consider how things may have been at one time.

    How wonderful to have such a building on one's property. And in Italy too!! Perfect.

  5. How lucky to have an extra building....

    Kind of like that extra room you find behind a wall in a dream.

    Except this is real.

    as was your log cabin.


    xo jane

  6. very cool post I love that show on H G TV called "If Walls Could Talk " that is so interesting to me also

    thanks for mentioning me and Kats Nature
    I have to choose for liebster awards now ! wow it is so hard to pick people for me. I enjoy lots of blogs hard decision

    - KAT -

  7. What a wonderful post. I love the pictures. So much of the past is forgotten, but your pictures show bits and pieces of some of that lost history. So beautiful!

  8. Hmm interesting story. There's some time when out of blue my conscious becomes clear. I think it may come from my subconscious?
    It's good you have your special "personal geography" that brings you good old memory and helps you grow with somewhere deep in your heart.

  9. What a wonderful, dear old building... i wish it was mine to clean up and turn into a gorgeous 'rough hewn' room! Love the details you've recorded...