Friday, November 4, 2011

liebster, baby

Roadster, hipster, liebster ... the last of which I am told is German for sweetest, cutest, nicest, kindest, loveliest. Told by the poetically charming and creative (look at this quilt she made) Annette of Chasing Lightning Bugs, who has honored me with a Liebster blogger award for "up and coming bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers".  The rules (and just when did awards start coming attached with rules?) are 1) thank and link to the blogger who bestows the award; 2) reveal 5 personal nominations and inform them in the comments section of their blog (oh no, I have to choose); 3) copy and past the award on my blog (which I would do if I knew where it was); 4) have faith that your followers will spread the love (of course they will).

And so I spread the love, widen the ripples, and urge you to read (restricting myself to 4 descriptive words to whet your appetite):

Haricot's Tanka : lyrical, Japan, poetry, sweet
Small But Charming: witty, earthy, flowers, friendly
Bird/Like:  birds, kind, vintage, diy
Kat's Nature: warm, artist, family, energetic
ElfRenee: photos, nature, artistic, cute


  1. why thank you my friend! I'm honored and i like my words...

  2. Gracias amiga, oh wait that's Spanish. But welcome home, thank you for my leibster and thank you for all your warmth and support.

    xoxo Jane

  3. YOur comment about leibster on my one of th posts puzzled me, but what a big and joyful surprise!...!!!

  4. Aww, thank you so much!! You're so sweet, Jen! :)

  5. I know haricot blog and I quite agree to what you say. I love her blog too. I'm looking forward to visiting others when I have time.
    Thank you for introducing wonderful blogs.