Tuesday, November 29, 2011

an accidental vignette, a digression & a coincidence

Now that we've recovered from Thanksgiving we can continue our conversation about vignettes. I seem to be slightly obsessing (if such a thing is possible) on them. Maybe because I have a related half-baked business idea or maybe I just have too much time on my hands. Perhaps it's Freudian, because my father, a collector and antique dealer (among other things) was the king of vignettes--though of course he didn't call them that. He didn't call them anything.

The Accidental Vignette

This is the entryway of my Massachusetts house. I usually keep fresh flowers on the table, and things that are meant to go upstairs collect there, as do things that have been brought downstairs. Such as the picture on the floor and the dollhouse*, which I haven't decided what to do with. 

As I was tidying up for the holiday I paused and thought doesn't that look nice. A little unplanned vignette. Or is it a tableau, or arrangement, or does it need a name at all?

The dollhouse has a green roof, and floors painted pink, green and blue, which are the colors of the walls, chair and vase in the entry.The doll in the photograph and the angel on the table have a similar tilt to their head.

The barn in the painting echoes the dollhouse.

* About that dollhouse...I got it at my local transfer station a/ka/ recycling center, which has a place to leave and take unwanted household items. I try to leave and not take, but sometimes I can't resist.

The Digression

Home base for the volunteers who run the household items exchange.

Inside goods

and outside.

There's a special area for books. It's pretty great. If you need old books for vignettes, this is your place.

The Coincidence

This painting is by the same artist who did the one with the barn. His name is David Moreschi, and Comme Ci Comme Ca, a little store in HoHokus, New Jersey carries his work. Coincidentally and oddly, the owner of that store used to have a store in Margaretville NY (where my store is). You can see this painting over the slipper chair in the first picture. I love that slipper chair. My sons, who are all huge, think it's ridiculous because it's so small, but I love how pretty it is. 


  1. I love how you've spotted the unifying elements in the different objects of your 'accidental vignette...' and i'm drooling over that exchange place... no charges, just give and take? Wow!!

  2. That looks like a very nice recycling center! I used to go to one when I was in my early 20's and having my first apartment, I furnished most of it with finds at the recycling center and loved that old stuff :-)

    Your walls are the same color as mine, I love that tone, they range from purple, gray to dove depending on the light.

    Your vignette is life in motion!

    HUGS Lorraine

  3. well you know I like it !

    - KAT -

  4. My mother had a slipper chair in her bedroom and I have always had a crush on it and subconsciously look for it at every flea market or antique store.

    Love your too. I'm 5'2 an a 1/2" slipper chair size for sure.

    Love everything about your hallway accidental or not.

    More please.

    xo Jane

  5. Your house is beautiful!!! And that household exchange sounds like such a great idea!

  6. The color coordination is soft and calm. I love the two tableaus with also quite restful colors and compositions.
    You have a lot of valuable hobby and business concerned matters.
    Have a good week ahead.

  7. I love the slipper chair also. :-)

    You know what's funny, is I seem to carry around a subconscious vignette of my space because I'll buy something without thinking at the Goodwill and it always fits perfectly with everything else. Or, perhaps it is simply a taste for similar items.

  8. your entrance is marvellous!!
    about that other place .... i love them all!
    i leave and i take ( or buy ) every single time !

    have a beautiful day dear Jen : )

  9. my home is a collection of accidental vignettes.
    your's is lovely.
    i hope your day is wonderful too...