Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I usually share interesting antique and vintage finds with you, but I do carry a small selection of new items in the store, such as those saucy potholders in my last post, cards and magnets from the Mincing Mockingbird, Field Notes notebooks and Happy Family field bags. A few more things:

Birds from the Audubon Society. Press them in the right spot and hear their call (and it actually isn't obnoxious).

Cards, wooden birds and birdhouses. A disturbing amount of birds... They are out of fashion this year I believe. Overdone. But in the Catskills we don't care about fashion, which is a good thing because most of my clothes come from LL Bean, supplemented by sweaters I steal from my sons.

I love these cards from the Rifle Paper Co. I have a weakness for stationary. And office supplies.

Farm Anatomy, by Julia Rothman, is perfect for our part of the Catskills where there are many small farms. I should be gearing up for enticing people to buy things for the holidays, but my heart is not in it. I am a terrible salesperson. I put an ad in the local paper: Ease your way into holiday shopping at Country Weekend, where you won't lose your wallet or your mind." Pretty dumb, huh? Lucky for me it's an online paper (I know, I know) so I can change it as soon as I think of something less dorky. Would you like to be my advertising manager? Marketing director? 


  1. Hello Jen:
    Actually, we think that your slogan is excellent, highly original whilst being low key in the way it suggests that there is no pressurised selling in your store. Which we know there could not possibly be - and how nice is that.

    We should love to be able to browse through your most interesting, thoughtfully chosen and carefully selected stock. Perhaps one day...

    Incidentally, our field bag, about which you have not written here(!!), is never out of use. It is EXCELLENT and we are so grateful to you.

  2. Your phrase for advertisement is so attractive.
    These small items look good enough for fulfillment of our own time. I badly want a bird.

  3. "Ease your way into holiday shopping at Country Weekend,
    where you won't lose your wallet. only your mind."

    i am loosing my mind by seeing the pictures. so i am sure people actually visiting your wonderful place will sure loose their mind too. its good to know the won`t loose their wallet.

    i am a terrible seller as well. after a month i just made a post about my online shop... but i am really good in promoting others. making headers. logos and all that. please let me know if you need help to something specific : )

  4. Okay folks--I am going to try jumping in with responses here...I see that sometimes it becomes a conversation, which is nice.

    Jane and Lance--I am so glad you enjoy the field bag! If you ever come to the Catskills the red carpet will be out and the pearls will be on. (Jeans, black sweater and pearls are a classic around here.)

    Haricot--wish I could send a bird flying to Japan!

    Demie--thanks for your sweet offer. Your products sell themselves, which is what I try to make the store do...

  5. I love your store and think your ad is perfectly -you.

    After all a Country weekend isn't about losing one's mind but maybe one's heart.,,

    Hmm work that into your next ad, "Where you lose your heart not your wallet".

    Okay, back to my day job:)

    xo J.

  6. I know what you mean about not wanting to SELL.
    I like to think people will find my little animal creations and just fall in love. Life is too short to do anything you don't feel right with.

    Birds out of fashion! hee hee...
    Do pop by my blog if you feel like an adventure.

    xxx Lorraine xxx

  7. I am the worst sales person ever ... I don't have the personality for it myself. Your add sounds very nicce to me but what do I know...Birds are over done ?? what I guess I get what your saying. But I still love making them. I really don't sell so many.but I thought that was cause Im such a bad salesperson... I have been wanting to get that pretty Ady frame with the bird print in it for myself though. I always look at it and one of these times im going to find someone else bought it before me.

    - KAT -

  8. Such cute stuff!! I love the birds.

  9. Jane--I actually love the lose your heart idea. I have always (or almost always) found shopping stressful, except for those rare places that I try to emulate. But the way you put it is positive, not negative, always a good thing!

    Lorraine--thanks for stopping by!

    Kat--True bird and nature-lovers will never get tired of birds--they are endlessly interesting. But when I saw the Portlandia "Put A Bird On It" spoof (you can look for it on YouTube) I knew a trend was ending. People like you and me don't care about trends, though.

  10. I love your ad. I don't like crowds and always get stressed at the thought of Christmas shopping, but your ad sounds like I could go to your store and be stress free. You sold me! Plus it looks wonderful. I don't like shopping, but I want to shop there! And if I could get there, I would buy birds!

  11. I really like your ad.

    Would love to visit your store in person,
    must keep doing the lottery and maybe........

    Wishing you well and lots of lovely sales.

    x Fiona

  12. office supplies are maddeningly addictive.
    and your an ad-writer extraordinaire. i want to steal your line for clb. tom said to me just last night....'it's too bad your incredible work ethic doesn't transfer to selling'. he's right. it is too bad. but i love our subtle and soothing approach to marketing.

  13. What about

    "Ease your way into holiday shopping at Country Weekend, where you will meet the lovely Jen, who is a terrible saleswoman and won't make you buy thing you don't want, but there will be a lot you do want, honest."

  14. That's a great ad, Jen! esp the part about not losing your mind. The thought of a crowded mall gives me the creepers right about now! Love the Audubon birds, the farm book, and that Bird Poetry sign... your shop always looks wonderful!

  15. Thanks Miss Elf! (Don't know why I am inclined to call you that!)

    In My Wild Eden--I too hate crowds! I'm pretty sure my store is about as stress-free as a store can be.

    Chasing...Steal away, my friend. I think I could open an office supply section with all the goods I've squirreled away over the years.

    Mise--I like it, especially the lovely part.

    Anne--Malls give me anxiety attacks!

  16. Hey Jen, I wouldn't think you would really need to be a "sales" person with your store. When I go into a cool store, I just like the owner to chat nonsense with me and thus, I feel at home and want to buy. But, if she starts selling, I don't want to buy for just that reason. Go figure.

    I've just gotten into birds recently--all this country living I suppose. :)