Monday, November 7, 2011

I am of an age when cigarettes were called "butts" and clinching a butt was the act of pinching the business end to put it out. So when I saw this sign--which is old, and not a new one that was "distressed"-- I thought it was a vintage prevent forest fires sign. However someone else who saw it did not have the same frame of reference and their mind wandered in other directions resulting in a state of puzzlement...

It has a row of nail holes in back. Perhaps it was nailed to a tree? In a forest? What's your interpretation of this unique sign?


  1. Very cool! I bet it was nailed to a tree.

  2. Hello Jen:
    We have never seen the word 'clinch' used in the context of cigarettes and we should like to think that we are innocent of any other interpretation of the sign!!

  3. Ha ...that's funny. I just posted my liebster awards..thanks for nomination me for yours ! your the best

    - KAT -

  4. hmmm. My initial reaction was a bit prurient, but I decided that it referred to cigarettes after all... what a find!!

  5. I',mafriad I only had one interpretation...and it wasn't yours!

    I thought 'clinch' was a misprelling of 'clench'!!!!!


  6. Hi, Jen
    Definitely butts are the biggest cause of fire of woods here, too.
    By the way, I've heard of rejuvenation of forest by burning and I haven't seen it in Japan.