Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Back from narrow cobbled streets lined with houses in the softest oranges, yellows, pinks and umbers; from consistently warm people and good food, from long drives on narrow mountain roads, from no tv and almost no computer. From the slow life.

My refrigerator is empty and desk is full. I hope to integrate some of the loveliness of Italy into my busy American life.


  1. Hello Jen:
    Welcome home! Yes, such a good idea to combine elements of the 'slow life' with the daily hustle and bustle of your working days. Easier said than done!!

  2. Welcomeback, Jen.
    Your memories in Italy will add your life some softened color like the walls.
    Beautiful photos...

  3. welcome back Jen! ... and thanks : )

  4. Welcome home Jen,
    I missed you even though you did post
    your wonderful photos.

    Are you glad to be home or would you have like more time out there?
    It is lovely to get away but it is lovely to come home especially to your own bed and tea (or coffee)!!

    Relax and put your feet up
    the laundry will wait...


  5. Welcome back. I feel the pull of Italy after reading your posts. We love it there and have visited several times, the last being Sept 10. I bet you loved Florence and we adore Lucca (to us, it is mini Florence). Just love the colours, the food, the smells, the style ... I am saving for your next trip and hope to visit once Mr gets a job. He needs a break and a treat! M x

  6. welcome home, Jen ! your photos are amazing. I am looking forward to hearing all about Italy and seeing what you post .

    - KAT -

  7. jen....i've nominated you and your lovely blog for a liebster blog award. xoxo

  8. Welcome home! that's one of the best things about travel... it stimulates you to tweak your everyday life.. what aspects of Italian style do you want to keep in your life?

  9. Welcome home, Jen.
    Sorry, rather belated greeting. It may take some time to return to daily life but I'm happy to know that you learned some style of them to emulate.
    From now I'll read your newer posts in order.