Wednesday, September 21, 2011

yellow house, green shutters, morning glories

My oldest son recently moved to Albany, the capital of New York state. 
His apartment is in an 1860's row house. It has 14-foot ceilings and a roof garden. In his living room is a walk-in vault, now converted to a closet, but with the heavy old vault door still on it. The original owners must have had some treasures, or perhaps didn't believe in banks.

There are many wonderful old houses from that era in Albany.

 Most are built from brick and stone.

I especially love the old wooden ones. There aren't many left. They are from the 1840's or earlier--after that they stopped building them, because the risk of fire was too great.

This one is my favorite. I love the creamy yellow wood shingles with the green shutters.

The roof is copper.

These morning glories cover a chain link fence that surrounds a parking lot.
Don't the words morning and glory look beautiful together?
And don't those flowers deserve such a gorgeous name?

What do you suppose an edible art gallery is? 


  1. Those houses are so beautiful! And edible art gallery? I don't know, but count me in!

  2. Hello Jen:
    This looks to be exactly the kind of area in which we should choose to live, all those wonderful C19 houses, and your son's apartment sounds both interesting and intriguing. We love high ceiling rooms which we are fortunate to have in Budapest but not, alas, in Brighton.

    Doubtless you will be making trips to Albany from now on to help, if allowed, with the decoration and furnishing of the apartment. Whatever, the Edible Art Gallery sounds a 'must'.

  3. The apprtment that your son chose looks great.
    It becomes well with the verdure of tall trees.
    The naming of "an edible art gallery" is fastinated as well as the name of "morning glory", though I have poor imagination to guess what it is.

  4. 14ft ceilings wow!!!

    A rooftop garden sounds great - more space for parties!!!

    Loved looking at the photos.

    Thanks Fiona @ Raindrops and Daisies

  5. I love the character of old houses. It sounds beautiful!

  6. it must be very tasty ; )
    what a lovely neighborhood! amazing buildings!

  7. An edible art gallery sound an absolute treasure to ave around. each delectable piece of pastry an art work on its own.

    I do love those houses you have portrayed. In London I lived in a house very similar, with steps leading up to the front door, high ceilings, and large windows.

  8. How cool!! Would love to see that door and other features of the apt. What a fun place to start off one's adult career.

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