Tuesday, September 13, 2011

closing time

Pretty sure I'm going to close the store at the end of the year. The distance between here and there is too great and I can't be there enough. It was a lark, an escape from grief, and most certainly a labor of love. A lot of labor, a lot of love.

editing to add (since the question is coming up)
I'm planning to keep the Etsy store going and maybe take a space in an antiques cooperative. I may reopen in the Catskills in the future, if I can find a reasonable space in one of the summer towns, for the summer and fall. I'll be writing more about this of course, and will still have a store to write about for a few months. And if you listen to the song and look at the pictures, they are more melancholy than I feel. My feelings are mixed. Yes sad. Yes relieved. Bittersweet is the word of the day.


  1. It is sad to hear you are going to close your store ...it is so cool..I enjoyed all your stories about it and finding stuff to create a great place for shoppers of vintage. and the Catskills are so lovely.but that IS a lot of driving back and forth I suppose. what will you be doing after the new year? I suppose you just need to have a break from stress of running a shop.
    Hugs to you... peace and joy

  2. Whatever you decide, it's memories you can look back on and you can always be proud of the fact that you gave it a go. It was a brave thing to do. Kudos to you for having the courage to step out of your comfort zone and do something like that.

  3. It seems sad, but it sounds like you will still be following your passion and that you will be fine.

  4. Life is change, after all! I'm sure you'll find plenty of new channels for your creativity, and since you're keeping the Etsy store (good!) you still get to treasure hunt!

    p.s. Have you heard Lyle Lovett's "Closing Time" song? Sad and sweet all at once.

  5. bittersweet ... just like life itself. i am defently visiting your etsy shop soon. maybe have a post about it. it looks wonderful : )

  6. I'm really sorry to hear this! But I can imagine it is really hard to drive so far every weekend. That must be draining. I hope the antiques and summer store options will work out for you!