Tuesday, September 13, 2011

beach therapy

Before last night's auction I took a walk on the beach in Hull.

 The weather was glorious 

and even at four o'clock plenty of people were out.

I hadn't realized how tense I was, until I took off my shoes and started walking.

My shoulders, neck, and jaw were tight,

but loosened up as I went along---water, sun and sand working their miracles.

Sky too.

This is the only shell I picked up--I like the way it looks with the barnacles on it. I could turn the shell and barnacles into a metaphor, but I will spare you.

I only bought one thing at the auction--the butcher block for my friends. 
It was a great price and they are happy, which makes me happy.

My son found a table on his own, and I didn't feel like buying anything for the store, since it's full, and I'm going to be closing in a few months.

I love the way these buoys look and that they on the beach for everyone to enjoy--a lovely convergence of utility and nature, that for me becomes art.


  1. looks like a lovely day on the beach...so relaxing... thanks for sharing

  2. oh! the sea har a therapeutic effect on us ...

  3. Let's move to Cornwall.....

    xo Jane

  4. Oh, you updated many posts during I was a little in hustle and bustle.Posts about your thinkings and acts.And this beach seems to be good enough to heal and comfort you.
    Good luck, Jen.

  5. The beach looks beautiful the day you were there Jen. There is nothing like water and a walk in the sand for relaxing.

  6. I like your blog title. I agree that the going to the beach can act as a therapy. I find that too.
    I wish you well
    Isabelle x

  7. I love the beach and wish that I lived closer to it.

    Lucky you having glorious weather Jen,
    it was piddling here!

    Love the photos.

  8. The beach looks awesome!! And that's a very cool shell you found!

  9. Sounds wonderful! Glad it helped you relax. There's just nothing like the ocean to soothe us... i'm sure its primal...