Friday, September 9, 2011

true confession

Bundling and selling books by color is practice that I, a true lover of books and reading found abhorrent. Until it served my self-interest to change my mind.

You see, in a moment of weakness, well-known to those who frequent auctions, I bought 150 or so vintage books with a few antiques thrown in. (I consider vintage to be roughly 1914-1970, and antique pre-World War I.)

I bought them to sell in the Etsy store, but most, on their own are not worth the time it takes to photograph and list them. So I turned to bundling. I tried to group them by subject, but ended up having to put some together by color, and you know what? It was kind of fun. They will add warmth and charm and character to a room, and even if someone just buys them for their looks, there's always a chance they will one day be opened and read. These days books need love, and I will do what I can to help them find it.

This bunch is all vintage math books.

These I grouped by their wonderful vintage covers featuring sultry women.

Isn't she a beauty? The name of the novel is The Turquoise. So mysterious.

Here's another group I put together because of their dust jackets.

So, despite my falling standards, I hope you'll still be my friend. These are desperate times for books and those who find them irresistible.



  1. Hey! I like the books grouped by color and I am a book lover also. Especially the blue books, and those cute little doggie book ends. I think a lot of people like the older books for decoration and so it may be a very good idea.
    Do you have one of those things, I suppose they are some sort of database computer, that tells you what particular books are worth? I used to see them all the time in the thrift stores in California, but not out here.

  2. I think its a great idea...the bundled books are very nice looking. old books are so important to people and sort of nostalgic feeling having them around to look at. books give a warm, cozy feeling to decor. I suppose someday they will be few and far between ...every one wants the tablets and E-books now .

  3. You have so many vintage books! I have soem old books that I bought when I was a student but I have no such beautiful worthy books.Ah, yes I remember that I have a few which I bought at secondhand booksore, though they are all brown.
    Keep them and take care of them. They are your treasure.

  4. What a great haul.You are totally forgiven. The end indeed justifies the end: the selling of books.

    And you're right, wouldn't it be great if someone read them?

    Gardening books always a must for me.

    Reading glasses at hand I'm heading over to the store.

    xo jane

  5. You are all so nice. Thank goodness, all is not lost. Of course I fear that once I reveal that I am a serious football fan you will walk out the door.

  6. Ooh, very nice finds!! I love old books. Or new ones. Any books. :)

  7. Hello Jen:
    We really do think that this is a most imaginative and attractive use for old, vintage books which may never be read again but which are too good to be thrown out. And, what is more, we are sure that this idea of yours will be widely copied, not least bu ourselves. Such books too make excellent plinths upn which to stand other items, such as an informal vase of flowers where the colours pick up the tints of the book bindings.

    We are now off to the Balaton for a few days, totally on impulse and leaving the computer behind, to catch the last of the summer. Perhaps there we shall make a start on our own collection of 'Sultry Women' for yours are wonderful!

  8. I have to own up to being a bit of a book tart ... I collect orange Penguins purely for their look and Observer books to stack on the mantlepiece. I collect Ladybird books too but they are fantastic for teaching younger children facts and how to read, although some of them are a little out of date now. M x

  9. No, no, it only all adds to your charm! The blue books are especially pretty stacked together, I've rarely seen that color. And the romance titles/covers are a hoot!