Sunday, September 11, 2011

For weeks I wondered what I would do in this space on this day. It seemed wrong for me to let it pass, unacknowledged, 10 years later, such a long 10 years. We lived in New Jersey in one of those towns so closely touched, and I have my stories, but I don't want this to be about me. Not in that way.

I have, as I mentioned a few posts back, when lamenting about the floods, been thinking about tragedies and traumas recently. Tonight I watched The King's Speech, and at the end, when he gave his speech as World War II began, I got chills. There is so much beauty in the world and and also sadness and evil and grace and kindness. Tragedy is especially horrifying when it is totally unexpected. We expect floods and earthquakes and wars--somewhere in our psyches we are a little bit prepared for them--we've heard of them before, they are terrible but not necessarily shocking in their generalities, but in their details. Flying planes into skyscrapers was shocking. Columbine was shocking. What happened on that island in Norway in July was shocking.

Demie, who is Greek but lives in Norway, posted on her blog yesterday a song I very much like, and here it is:

Today is Sunday, and I will take a walk and reflect and pick flowers and maybe read and bake some cookies. I will tell my children I love them, and I will watch my New York football Giants play the Washington Redskins. And I hope that I remember to do an unexpected kindness for someone.


  1. oh Jen! i got very surprised seeing my name and that lovely song on your blog! that was an unexpected kindness and i thank you for this. i am also glad you liked the song and i admire the reflections you are having in a day like this one ...

  2. Lovely song, it sounds so Greek. Thanks for posting.

    Yes, it's a very strange atmosphere today.

  3. I was in Athens on 9/11 flying back to London. They had about 9/11 on the airport TV but I didn't go and look at it, so I didn't know what had happened till we were in the air.

  4. A beautiful, yet tragic, thought provoking post. Wishing you a peaceful day today. M x

  5. A lovely post, thank you.

    Thinking of all lost and those who have lost.

  6. I do don't know whether to let silence or words speak.

    We live about a mile from the Pentagon, our normal Sunday morning is in upheaval.

    I don't know if I'll walk to the hill and take a look at the ceremonies or just stay in the yard weeding.

    But I do know I'll turn on the TV and watch that game!

    xo jane

  7. Doesn't seem like ten years, does it. Our national psyche will always be affected by 9/11. But it also reminds me how amazing the the U.S. is to continue to have peace in our homes even though the world (and Nature) seems to be throwing a tantrum every other day. What a blessing, to be born and live in this nation! I think a meditative, quiet day enjoying life's simple pleasures is the best way to acknowledge this.

  8. Taking a nice walk and picking flowers sounds awesome. :)

  9. So glad you've visited the Land of the (sometimes tearful) Strawberries! So imporatnt those acts of random kindness...