Sunday, September 4, 2011


The flood mobilization/recovery efforts--grassroots/community/ and yes, even the government and corporations, have been great, but ... it's been a weird and depressing weekend in the Catskills. Yesterday I went to my store, which is okay, but I didn't feel right opening it, when half the town is ruined, and there are National Guard soldiers everywhere. I spent today trying to help someone dear to me who has been profoundly impacted by the floods. I've been thinking about tragedy, those created by man, nature, and a combination of man and nature (Katrina). I did give myself a break and sat in sight of the waterfall and ate cherry tomatoes from the farmers market, which was, hallelujah, open, and spent some time reading A Soldier of the Great War, a broad, deep, moving, profound novel about World War I, trying to put things in perspective.


  1. I agree with you that it wouldn't seen quite right to have opened the store today, but I should think very soon if the Farmer's Market is selling. I hope your friend is better. Tragedies cause us to lose a little bit of ourselves at the time, but it comes back and we learn more about life. Take care Jen.
    The tomatoes look so good!

  2. Hello Jen:
    Always, at times such as you are experiencing, it is helpful to try, not necessarily easy, to put things into some kind of perspective. And, sadly, there always seem to be things which one can call upon which have had an even greater impact and effect on the lives of others.

    We often, for various reasons, re-read the poetry of World War I as a reminder of appalling suffering and to be thankful for the times in which we have lived. But, we do not think that you should feel uneasy about reopening your store for in some ways it demonstrates that, as a community, you will rebuild and that life can be normal once more.

  3. you aresuch a lovely person Jen! and yes books are a safe shelter against all. please opren your beautiful shop soon. i am sure it will make people feel better. give them a sence of stability and normality when they most need it : )

  4. I agree with the others that opening your store would be fine, even a sign of hope. Maybe it would be nice to serve coffee and cookies at the shop and invite your fellow shopkeepers and townsfolk in for a visit and a chance to buck each other up!

  5. It is a fine idea to give yourself a break, before you will open your store for people who need it.
    Your refreshness and perspectiveness that you've gain is yourself.
    This year it is awfully disastrous in Japan, including recent flood in Nara( southern part).
    It is time to break and rethink about what is really important for us.

  6. Sorry to hear about it all but that gorgeous gorgeous reading spot had to make you feel better for sure! :)

  7. That's such a great picture! You have the best reading spots.