Tuesday, September 6, 2011


a singular store in Andes NY

you would never mistake this store for another

except for the one the owner recently opened in manhattan

ny times article about the owners house here and slide show of it here
better pictures (than mine) of the store here

Another store I love looking at, via photos, is The Bell Jar in Norwich, England, documented so beautifully here by Deborah on her blog The Fisherman's Cottage. These stores, so very different, are an inspiration to me--I would love for my store be as distinctive as they are. 


  1. Unique, but the buffalo head freaks me out! Fun to see houses though.

  2. just visited the Fisherman's Cottage, very cool blog and I love that Norwich store. Love all the funky white stuff with touches of color.

  3. What a fabulously inspiring store. I will have to visit the Norwich one! M x

  4. i do like the french style one but i must say that i find the first one more original. and it did reminded me a bit of your shop Jen!

  5. Hello Jen:
    We love Kabinett and Kammer. Moose's head...fabulous, Habsburg yellow walls.....fantastic,intriguing 'tablescapes' and stock piled high. An Aladdin's cave, for sure.

    And, dear Jen, your own store also is full of interest and wonderful things. Intriguing paint colours, an eclectic range of stock and everything carefully displayed. You too are an inspiration!!

  6. The Bell Jar and your store are far preferable to my mind than anything else described here. One can get a bit too commercial, or maybe simply too pricey and hoity-toity to interest this poor mind. Oh, did I say that?

  7. Jen,
    That store looks fabulous! Love all the little stools and display tables! It's always fun to look at new stores and see what kinds of things they carry and how they do their displays! I have been to the fisherman's cottage blog and really like it.

  8. Definitely different style they have. To vosit the both blogs and to see the gadgets makes me refreshing. Thank you for sharing them.

  9. Great pictures, that looks like such an interesting place to visit!

  10. your store is as distinctive! Before I started reading, I did think it was your store.....

    Take care,