Sunday, March 20, 2011

how did it happen?

A year ago I had no idea I was going to open a store. My husband and I had it in mind that someday we might open a little business in the Catskills where we have a weekend house, and we even looked into buying a used books store there (Bibliobarn--best used books store ever. Alas, no website, but you can read about it and other great Catskill used books stores here.)

I would need several pages and some therapy to explain why I, who never even worked in a store, now own one. Long story short--I had been doing difficult depressing work for many years (work involving child abuse, mental illness, domestic violence and, well, you get the picture). I needed to do something fun. I only realized that after my best friend and my stepmother, both inspirational women who lived life to the fullest and had fun doing it, died last year. And... I had been collecting vintage art, and my father and stepmother had an antique business so it was not completely unfamiliar to me.  I was looking into taking a space in a coop, when my friends George and Gerry told me they were moving out of the store I'm now in, into a bigger store in the same building. The rent was low, the stakes were low, it would only be open on weekends, I signed a lease last September and opened in October. It's also 240 miles from home so I've put a lot of miles on my car. Man, it happened fast!


  1. Like your best friend and stepmother were Jen, you too are an inspiration. From what I have gotten to know of you, you are a go getter and I hope one day I will be able to visit your shop!

    Take care,

  2. What a timely post, I was just wondering today what led you to open a store! Its so great that you went for it! I remember how nervous I was about opening my own business several years ago, and how much confidence it gave me once I made the leap and realized I could do it. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your best friend and stepmother, hopefully you will soon have other inspirational people in your life!

  3. p.s. great photo to illustrate your point... i love Lucy!