Friday, August 19, 2011

watching the duck

yesterday after unpacking the car and going to a couple of used furniture stores and unpacking the car again, Luke and I went to dinner at an old-school seafood and steak restaurant. we ate on the deck overlooking Lake Champlain with a breeze off the water, and after dinner walked along the lake and watched the boats and the water and the sunset
and this duck
we watched him for the longest time, bobbing along, alone

here is Luke in front of his new house, a 2-family. he shares his side with 3 friends and there are more students in the other side.

no matter how grown up they are or how happy, I always grow melancholy when I say goodbye to my children, and i think that explains the deficient punctuation and lack of capitals here, though i don't know why ...


  1. I was wondering about the lack of capitals.:)
    He is definitely a very nice looking guy, and I like their house.

  2. Hello Jen:
    What a marvellous situation in which to have dinner and, like you, we should have been very happy to sit watching the duck and walking by the lake. You never cease to surprise us with the wonderful scenery with which you are surrounded, as shown here and also with the lovely card included with the bag.

    It cannot ever be easy to leave one's children even when, as with Luke, they are perfectly happy and well settled. But isn't that all part of loving someone?

    To return to the Field Bag, now pictured on our sidebar on the beach(!!) [although we forgot to take the shell book with us], we do just need to say once more how absolutely thrilled we are with it and it now goes everywhere with us looking, we believe, very relaxed and stylish. Thank you so much, Jen, for it really is the most generous gift. Have a lovely weekend and keep cheerful!

  3. wow Jen...What a handsome "boy"....You look to young to even have one that age! What a fun time you must have had. I am not looking forward to the day I have to walk away from my kids, but know we have to do it....

    Have a great weekend...

  4. my children are stil small. but i will never forget the feeling i had when i left my son for the first time to kindegarden. this feeling that he is not only mine (ours) anymore. that i `d have the share him with the world... i supposse one feels the same no matter how old thei children are... it seems you are having a wonderful relationship with your son, and thats a blessing... the picture with the duck is really good : )

  5. beautiful photos, beautiful son and i never use capitols unless some device i'm using turns my adds the capitols automatically.
    i think your meal and your visit and your view were capitol!!!!

  6. Oh Jen, you poor thing, it must be very hard for you to leave your son. I have just the one child, a girl of nine and I can't bear to go away for the weekend without her. So, I sympathize. The photographs of the lake and the duck are wonderful. What a lovely evening you must have had. Many thanks for your visit and your kind comments. I didn't see the documentary on babies, but I think the child with the camel could well be Mongolian. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, love Linda x

  7. What a nice weekend for you both. I visited your main blog and be attracted by your magnificient photos and detailed description, though I also enjoyed this post very much,
    to see the lake and feel the breeze.
    From Japan