Saturday, August 13, 2011

a country drive

Finally, a sunny day and time for a back roads drive to Andes, one of my favorite villages. It's only 5 miles from my house but I'm always so busy at the store I haven't been there in ages.

 I bought honey at a roadside stand (nobody was there--I left money in a mason jar) and passed lots of cute houses. This sweetheart isn't really crooked--I took the picture out the car window.

Another crooked house/car window picture. This house is for sale. I want the dog. (of course you know you can click on pictures to enlarge) Isn't there a nursery rhyme--there was a crooked man, who walked a crooked mile, he had a crooked house, across a crooked stile...

 Tay Tea just moved into this house.

I want every item on the porch. The pink chair! The blue table! The orange shelf! They aren't even for sale--Tay now serves lunch on the porch, and doesn't that sound delightful--but that doesn't stem the tide of desire I feel.

This side of the porch is nice too. Sorry about the shadow.

 The stunning woman in the picture is the great-aunt of Tay's owner. You can read more about her here.

 My life is not complete without this table,

and  I adore this cabinet. 
You know how I feel about the color green, right?

Speaking of green ...
 How do you like this grapevine table and porch rocker I put in my store? A wicked covetous part of me wants to price them so high nobody will buy them, so I can continue enjoy them. But that would be bad karma.

I found this birdhouse on my drive. The man who built it sells them from his barn. 

One more green thing from my day, and then I'll say farewell:

an overturned rowboat

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Yelp, the blue table and pink chair definitely. And the green rocker.
    What a nice neighborhood of houses.

  2. What a lovely place to escape to at weekends. The clapboard houses are very similar in style to some we see in Kent and Sussex on our travels. Very photogenic. Thank you for calling by.

  3. Lovely to see photos from your side of the world.

    I like the colour green too!

    Have a good weekend.

    Fiona @Raindrops & Daisies

  4. don't you love how houses have faces. all the house pictures you showed had a distinct face.
    thanks for taking us on your drive. it was lovely

  5. Hello Jen:
    We have loved joining you on this tour. Such a very pretty collection of houses, we love all the sugared almond shades of paint colour and the attractive architectural details.

    Tay Tea would be a perfect choice in our view for lunch and tea. Yes, we can well imagine ourselves on the verandah watching the world pass by and drinking tea. Lovely!!

  6. This is why i want to take a road trip back east! I love how every house has a wonderful verandah...

  7. After reading through a pile of posts and grumbling to myself cause I had missed them, I had an aha moment!

    Is it true I wasn't following you? Duh, me.

    well I am now, carry on:)

    xo Jane

  8. Oooh, all the houses are amazing! I love them!! And I love the blue table on the porch, and the green table and cupboard inside. And I love your green chair!!

  9. Jen,
    Those homes are all so lovely! I have a lot of green in my house also, my main colors are green, red and brown, so I love all your green things and would snatch them up if I was closer!
    I also have 3 enamel top tables, well, actually 4 but one that is faux painted to look like would grain is in my booth and every time I go there I want to bring it home! I use 2 turned L shape for my desk also and the other is my craft table. I recently saw one with the legs cut down and used as a coffee table which I thought was pretty cool.

  10. It all looks so magical and pretty and well, friendly. I wish I was having a weekend there, although perhaps a weekend would be all too short. Thanks for this insight into another realm.