Thursday, August 18, 2011

a few things

a new collage

I used antique book plates and maps of Canada, an old typed recipe for blueberry jam, paint chips and washi tape.

Also paint, string and seeds from a box of stuff for Indian religious ceremonies (now the collage smells slightly of incense).

flowers from my garden

my reading corner
pillows by Lambert and Enhabiten.

Today I drive to Burlington Vermont to settle my son Luke in his new house, which means filling my car with skateboards (including a stack of broken ones that will be wall decor) free weights, clothes and books, and tonight buying him and his roommates a good meal. Burlington is in the northwest corner of the state, near Canada, on Lake Champlain. Small, beautiful, clean and safe, it is the quintessential college town--low key, lots of good cheap food and indie stores. Actually, Burlington has more indie spirit than any town I've seen in decades. And tomorrow I get to visit the Shelburne Museum--folk art, quilts, a 3,500-piece miniature circus hand-carved from wood, the worlds largest museum collection of trivets... what more could a gal want?


  1. Love the sunflowers
    they are really pretty.

    Good luck to your son in his new home.


  2. GREAT collage just wonderful !Hope you have a great trip with your son and a skateboard wall decor sounds very cool ...I have not heard from my connection at Williams Inn in Williamstown, MA are you going anywhere near there ??? just wondering ? I think I have gotten scammed out of a lot of my art work...sad isn't it ! Im a dunce.
    Have a great trip
    KAT Griffin

  3. You would probably want me to hang out with tomorrow. That's what more a girl could want:)

    xo Jane

  4. Hello Jen:
    What an exciting time for your sonas he moves into his student accommodation. You must now feel that he really has become a young man and can no longer be considered to be a child. His ideas for interior decoration sound most interesting!!!!

    We hope that you enjoy your visit to Burlington. It sounds to be a delightful place with much of interest. No doubt the Shelburne Museum will have much to intrigue and we look forward to hearing about it.

  5. i like your collage. very inspiring...
    looking forward to a museum post ; )

  6. The rabbit collage is great. I particularly like the way you used the map and recipe.

    Let the fun begin for your son?

  7. I love the collage! The bunny is adorable! And Burlington sounds like fun!

  8. That sounds like the perfect place to be a student. How our young are dispersing! It's making me feel restless.

  9. Jen, your collage is a lovely mix of elements and designs. I do love your reading corner too. Love Linda x