Monday, August 15, 2011

a (very) short story

Usually I look for the story in the picture, but in this case it is in the frame.

Once upon a time there was a painting, quite large, a little naive, but very sweet, with painted shrubs bearing pink flowers that made it special. It lived in a store in upstate New York.

It had a nice wood frame, and and typed on a small piece of paper attached to the back of the frame was this:

Wait! No need for your reading glasses--I'll copy it here: 

    This frame is made of cherry wood from a tree 
cut down by Andrew Plotczyk in 1925 on the river 
bank in the orchard on his farm in Northfield,
Mass. Taken to Evans Bros. saw mill along with 
chestnut logs cut from the wood lot for railroad
ties. Stored in the hay barn for many years.

The end.

I am fascinated that someone chose to memorialize the frame and by the details--the river bank, the name of the saw mill, the chestnut logs and their purpose ... 


  1. Love it!

    And love getting your posts hot off the presses!

    xo Jane

  2. That's awesome! So interesting!

  3. i think this is the most beautiful story i `ve ever reaad ...

  4. Oh thank you, I was just dashing for my reading glasses. The note on the frame is ever so charming, and surely deserves a frame of its own.

  5. Truly a bit odd but so charming!