Sunday, August 28, 2011

floods in the Catskills

Margaretville today. The Bun 'n Cone, where I get my soft serve ice cream. 
Photo by Megan Van Keuren.

The Granary Building today

and a few months ago.

Footage of flooding on Main St. Margaretville where my store (which is on the 2nd floor) is:

Thanks to all who've asked how I'm doing. Here in Boston, big winds and rain, lots of branches down, etc. Staved off the basement flood and no serious damage. The real story is in the Catskills I left yesterday, there is serious/probably record flooding, which will devastate an already economically depressed area. Earlier this morning the governor of NY drove through Margaretville, where my store is, and posted pictures on his twitter account.  The streets and stores are flooded, and now there is four feet of water gushing down Main Street, and people are being rescued by boat.

Pictures from Fleischmann's, near Margaretville, where Harriet who watches the store when I'm not there lives, here. National Guard is doing helicopter rescues there now.


  1. Oh how scary and sad for the people who live there! Things like this in an economically deprived area are catastrophic for so many people who don't have savings and another place to go to for housing. I hope they will somehow be okay.

    I'm glad to hear you're back in Boston and safe from the flood. Small towns don't normally make the news unless nothing else is happening. Sad!

  2. That is dreadful, really terrible.

    So glad that you are safe.

    Take care

  3. WOW I didn't realize that the flooding effected the Catskills. I am truly sorry to hear that.

  4. Very scary!! I'm glad you are safe!

  5. A big river near there?
    It must have been tough time for you and other residents. So sorry to hear about it.

  6. oh my God, how awful!! What about your store? Sending you best wishes, glad your home in Mass is ok... take care.... xo Anne