Thursday, August 4, 2011

cabin art

My favorite thing to buy at auctions is art. Here are some recent finds.

Who could resist this sweet and solemn girl?

I'm pretty sure it's a pastel.

A lovely pastel landscape.

I got a boatload of cabin art this week.
If you want a picture of a canoe, I'm your gal.
a few samples:

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos.

my favorite:

A gorgeous lithograph titled Herta Zuckermann, aged 14 years.

After looking at Herta and her flowers I urge you to visit what may be my favorite website ever: Amy Merrick's Flowers & Styling. And here you can visit her blog post about how she developed the site. I promise it will make you feel good and decide to have a party just so Amy can do your flowers.

And finally, tomorrow I load up the car and go to the Catskills for a full week. I hope to do some back roads wandering so I can entertain you with pictures of something besides my store and woods.



  1. Hello Jen:
    You always manage to acquire such very interesting things. For us, these 'cabin art' works really do capture a sense of place which is so very different from anything with which we are familiar. The trappers and hunters of the past are the stuff of films and history books to us and how exciting that you have tracked them down for your store.

    Have a lovely week in the Catskills!

  2. you know i have the same ... hobby! i do collect lithographs and silkscreenings from flismarkeds... i love Herta : ) and now i am visiting
    your store ...

  3. OOOoooo I love the Herta Z litho. so wonderful.

    have fun in the cats ...Ill be in the Smokies in TN. Yipeeee I can't wait


  4. The canoe pictures are the greatest. I run into some interesting older pictures in the thrift stores but have found people will frame a postcard or even a picture out of a book so nicely. Do you have a way of telling what's "real" from not real Jen? What I usually do is if the frame is worth the price then I buy it with the idea that at least I found a good frame.

  5. Aww, that last one is adorable! And you're going to the country for a whole week, wow! Have fun!