Monday, August 29, 2011

flood devastation in the Catskills

This is across the street from my store on Main Street in Margaretville yesterday. The building I'm in is fine, but the other side of the street was hit hard. The supermarket (the only one in at least a 25 mile radius) and pharmacy were destroyed, as were some small businesses. Many houses lost to floods, bridges washed out, roads destroyed, people trapped in their homes.  Boat and rooftop rescues. The area is full of hills, hollows, dirt roads and small bridges. No cell phone service either. No water in some towns. I hope to get up there Thursday--right now all roads are closed except to emergency workers. This will be preoccupying me for a while ....


  1. Hello Jen:
    How really dreadful this all is. we are so concerned to read that so many have lost their homes and their livelihoods. Of course, things will rise again but this will surely be a long hard slog and times are difficult enough without these miseries.

    We are pleased to read that the building containing your store has escaped the worst and do so hope that when you return on Thursday all will be as well as you hope for. In the meantime, Jen, take the greatest of care . As always, we are thinking of you.

  2. I'm so sorry this has happened to your little town Jen, and hope those who have been flooded will be able to recuperate quickly from their losses without too much pain. Also, it is good your store is higher up and hopefully it sustained no damage. Be careful when you go over on Thursday.


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  4. Crazy scary!! I'm glad your store is ok!

  5. That is dreadful.

    It is so sad to read of people losing their homes and businesses.

    I am glad that you are safe.

    Take care of yourself.

  6. i have been thinking of you and your shop and your home. how horrible that your area is in such trouble. you will continue to be in my thoughts. my hope is the recovery will be swift.

  7. Sad!! although I'm relieved that your shop and all its nice contents weren't damaged. Wonder how long it will take for the village to recover?