Sunday, August 7, 2011

can you say Pakatakan?

At my house we just say, going to the farmers market and leave out the Pakatakan part of it. For years, when I did try, I said Patatakan. My eyes refused to acknowledge that first k.

Many folks call it going to the round barn, which is pictured above. Inside the barn you will find locally made cheese, pies, bread, jewelry, honey, syrup & more.

In the shed are plants, crafts, baked goods, and most important, 
The Waffle People.

I have never been a lover of waffles--never ordered them in a restaurant, never made them. However, there have been weekends when I was waffling about whether I wanted to make the 4-hour drive from Massachusetts to New York and the promise of Saturday morning breakfast from The Waffle People put me the road. They are that good--there's a special slightly burnt carmelized pearl sugar trick that makes them better than all other waffles. And I have them with whipped cream, something else I never consume, and a delicious strawberry orange juice. The Waffle People are a lovely family and one of their sons makes the best fudge sauce in the world. You can order Slickpotte all natural fudge sauce here. It makes a nice gift or you can just eat it all yourself and have fun saying Slickpotte.

It's not only about the waffles of course. There is much delicious produce,
and other local delights.

It's taking forever for pictures to upload, so that's it for today. Our internet here in the Catskills is very slow (of course we didn't have internet until 2 years ago) so I am reading some of your posts without seeing all the pictures. What else? I spent a ridiculously long time watching a caterpillar scootch along--it was cute and fuzzy and very serious. Or maybe intent. Like he had somewhere to go, and nobody was getting in its way.  I haven't sold any canoe pictures but I did sell the table I wrote about a couple posts ago, which is good cause I gotta pay the rent somehow. And we're having big old thunderstorms.
Wish you were here!


  1. Hello Jen:
    Oh the trials and tribulations of poor internet connections, something we experience all of the time!

    The Farmers' Market looks wonderful, and such attractive and interesting buildings in which it is housed, not to mention so much in the way of fresh, homemade and homegrown produce. We should certainly enjoy being there. To date though, we have to confess, we have never eaten waffles which we think of as being very American and so must wait until we cross the Atlantic.

    We are so pleased, and not at all surprised, that the table has sold.

  2. Jen,
    What a great market, I'm so jealous! Love waffles but could do without the whip cream!
    Hey, I thought that we had a group ready to go to Nantucket, I'm ready!

  3. P.S. I love the word slickpotte, and hot fudge!
    With a name like that, it must be good! Also love your cabin art, if it was only closer!

  4. Wow, I really wish I was there! That barn is amazing! And the market looks like so much fun. And obviously, I need some of those waffles!

  5. love farmers markets so much! that one sounds perfect. I like waffles. Also like watching bugs... was feeling p.o'd the other day, went into the garden and spent 10 mins watching a moth go to each lantana blossom, and it totally calmed me. Have a great weekend!