Monday, March 21, 2011

owls with spectacles

Anne from Bird/Like has a bird-inspired design board party going on. Today's inspiration bird is the Spectacled Owl. At first I read it wrong and thought it was Speckled Owl. I love the image of an owl with spectacles and so had to do a room with books in it. (Actually, in my house every room has books in it.) I had fun with this because I like the connection between design and nature and also because I am learning from it. I have no training in design and putting together different combinations and getting inspiration from all the choices on olioboard is giving me new ideas and insight.

I still don't have the hang of actually creating a room, so I threw together some elements for a family room for a family that loves nature and books--kind of like my family. I picked the bookcases looking for something an owl could perch on. The frog bookends are kind of twisted humor because I think owls eat frogs. I love the print on what I thought were curtains, but when I clicked on the source it's actually a shower curtain from Target! I'm leaving it up anyway since this is all make-believe I will pretend they are lovely drapes.


  1. Oooh, I love what you've done. It's a great idea for a party, I think. I love seeing what different people have ome up with.

    I really like the tree bookshelf. Nice touch!!


  2. Jen, that's a riot about the frogs! What a fun, creative room -- so glad you joined the party my friend!

  3. Hi Jen - Those bookcases are fabulous! They'd entice even a non-reader to pick up a book and read! And I really like your cheerful colors, so perfect for a familyroom. I also mis-read the bird's name, calling him a Speckled Owl, until you mentioned it. Duh! Great job!