Thursday, March 17, 2011

evening light--one of those moments

I got to Margaretville mid-afternoon and spent a couple hours getting the store ready for the weekend. The barrister bookcase looks amazing--no way I'm going to strip it. I'll take pictures so you can see. I think it will be NFS (not for sale) for a while--a useful display piece. (Or maybe I'm just in love.)

Anyway, it was so wonderful to leave the store at 6:30 and have it still be light outside. Then I went food shopping and it was still light outside. I drove home on Margaretville Mountain Road and it was still light outside, though dusk and I kept reminding myself to watch out for deer. And I was listening to Grace Potter sing Falling or Flying, and I had one of those crystalline moments. The music, the countryside, the evening light. Everything looked beautiful--all was well with the world. We need those moments now and then.

Here's Grace Potter. Skip ahead to 2:00 for the song if you want, but she's pretty cute in the first 2 minutes too.

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  1. I first read this as 'Margaritaville' - you can see where my head is!

    Yes, it is so wonderful to see so much light now - birds singing and flowers blooming. I love spring!