Thursday, March 3, 2011

getting ready for the weekend

Planning what to take to the store and how I will pack it in my car for the trip to the Catskills.
                                            ironing vintage aprons and tea towels
This little chair was headed for the thrift shop via my friend Gerry whose store is across from mine. It was dark brown and shiny and ugly. I took it and said I'd paint it hot pink or turquoise. I went with cream and green instead. I'll show it to him this weekend and put it in my store. What will he think? Will anybody like it?
Should I take this box of old matchbooks? Last fall I sold a bunch of them to a young man from Brooklyn who is a graphic artist. People of a certain age get nostalgic over those from Howard Johnsons and steak houses and such. You hardly ever see them any more.

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  1. wow, cool chair!! love the twisty legs. Green and white looks perfect for it.