Friday, March 18, 2011

crazy bird people

Check out this wacky bird post from BIRD/LIKE. For one thing, there's a picture of taxidermied bird shoes. And an Egyptian birdhouse the size of a lighthouse. And a Hitchcock's "The Birds" Barbie.

And if you haven't seen it (or if you have, I'm sure you want to see it again):

I probably have 200 birds in my store (and it's a small store). Wooden birds, ceramic, plaster, metal. Birds on curtains, notecards, field bags. Lots of books about birds. But I'm not worried--birds are classic. The rest of the world can move on to newts or armadillos--I stand by my birds.

Oh, and in case you missed it earlier this week, watch Crimes of (bird) Passion here.
Enjoy the weekend--it's almost spring!


  1. LOL, you're a cutie, thanks for the link! I LOVE that bird video, its a riot!!

  2. oops, i was referring to the Portlandia video, I've seen that other places. But I love it that you posted about the bowerbird too!!

  3. want more birds? lol I make folk art birds. love the vid
    Kat Griffin