Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday inspiration

stuff I like this week:
1.  The time is changing, though I don't understand how, which means more daylight, no more sad (a/k/a winter blues), more evening walks, peeping flowers and birds.

2.   Writer's sheds and off the grid huts.

3.    Cutting For Stone, which takes me to another time and place (Ethiopia).

4.    Brick City, about Newark NJ, which reminds me of the many years I worked in Paterson, another small city in NJ, and of how I don't want to forget that part of my life even though I'm now doing something completely different.

5.   Dominique Browning on plastic, which like is the wrong word for, but is inspiring me to reduce the godawful amount of plastic that comes into my house.

6. Finding this flower person blog and this one too because flowers are probably my favorite thing, excluding my family.

More inspiration here.


  1. I love this idea of making a list of all the things that inspire you at the moment.

    It makes me think what I'd put on my list!!

    I'm so with you on flowers. They just bring the world alive, don't they?

    I'm your new follower.


  2. I loved Cutting For Stone - such a lovely and unusual book. Have a great weekend :)

  3. I'm reading Cutting for Stone right now, its so good. I love books that transport me to another place. I'll recommend you to "Sister of My Heart' which really evokes a lovely childhood in India. Also love Dominique Browning, I really miss House and Garden and her editorial essays!

  4. Anne--thanks for the book recommendation-I will look for it. I love so many book that take place in India. Two lesser-known favorites are "Sister India" and "The Death of Vishnu". I would have loved to go on D. Browning's tour of India. Someday...