Monday, April 9, 2012

 I will not tell you how long those paint swatches have been on the wall of our second floor hall. All those blues and greens that I love so much.

Perhaps I should paint palm trees like Curious George did, as pictured in this print I just happen to own. But I think I'm going to go with a crisp white. Not linen or oyster or French vanilla. Greek white. Swedish white. My house is full of color and too much stuff. It's time to simplify.

So I probably shouldn't have bought another coffee table book. I couldn't resist Bringing Nature Home, Floral Arrangements Inspired by Nature. You can read about it here.


  1. I'm very much a fan of simple white painted walls, and it'll look perfect behind your lovely Curious George print.

  2. Your walls are so artistic. I'm amazed. It's nice to read and apply the arrangements for your daily life. I'd like to do that.

  3. Hello Jen:
    We had the same dilemma when deciding how to paint our apartment walls in Budapest. So many colourful and tempting combinations but, in the end, we settled for Farrow and Ball Lime White.....everywhere. A dirty white that seems to work with all our old stuff!!!

    Your 'Curious George' print is enormous fun!

  4. Hi Jen! I'm ready to do white on the walls too. I think I'm going with dove white. I have a ton of stained finishes on doors and windows. It's going to be a long process! Good luck with yours!

  5. Sometimes when you want to simplify, white is just right!

  6. Crisp white is always beautiful Jen! Good luck with the painting!

    Madelief x

  7. Ah, Greek white. How perfect.
    I still keep thinking of a yellow living room. Some day.


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