Monday, April 30, 2012

flowers in the house

Finally enough warmth in these northern latitudes for flowers in the house that come from my garden.

Azaleas, lilacs,

and a spray of low-hanging andromeda.

 I always like to have fresh flowers on the kitchen table,

and for the cat to play with. 

Visit Jane and friends at Small But Charming for more flowers in the house.


  1. I think I prefer azaleas as a cut flower rather than a garden plant.

    Everything looks so fresh and springy.

    I would love a bloom or two of that lilac.

    xo Jane

  2. Hello Jen:
    It is such a good feeling when once again one can go into the garden and gather fresh flowers for the house. Your Lilac looks lovely and is one of our favourite spring flowers as just a few small sprigs can fill a room with scent.

    The cat looks most amused!

  3. Jen HI
    I love the pretty florals
    your cat vase is the best ! my cat Shirl, really does that even to dried flowers and fake flowers... Opps did I tell you I have Fake Flowers in my house ?
    - KAT-
    P S...come see my post about my shopping bag contest Im trying to win a Kroger contest for a re-useable shopping bag design

  4. Oh, your cat looks so happy with your beautiful idea and some azaleas and green leaves.

  5. Jane--I agree with you about azaleas. My lilac has few blooms--I think it needs more sun, but I would gladly share with you!

    Jane and Lance--The cat amuses me so I try to do the same for her! It would be hard to choose a favorite floral scent, but lilacs might be it for me.

    Kat--I'll never tell. :)

    Haricot--I am having fun with the cat!

  6. I love the cat vase :) it's adorable. beautiful flowers, too. can't wait for the lilac to come out here as well... :)

  7. No lilacs in my garden and the azaleas did not last long enough this spring! Your flowers are lovely and the little kitten brings a smile...

  8. Lovely clippings from your garden and all so beautiful together.

  9. Petra--There really is something about lilacs!

    Susan--You must have all kinds of wonderful things going on. Isn't it practically summer there?

    Thanks, Sweetgum!

  10. Hi Jen, I love to have flowers in the house.Lilac is so pretty and if you get one of the lovely scented ones its just divine.I havent got a lilac bush in this garden, its too small, but I had one at our other house and it was gorgeous.

  11. omg, look at that cute kitty vase. adore xo