Wednesday, April 18, 2012

garden festivities

There will be a garden festival this Saturday in Margaretville, the little town in the Catskills where my store is. Birdhouse building, seed exchanges, green market, food, music and garden related goods. I look forward to seeing Main Street lively, after the long, quiet winter.

 I don't do any gardening in the Catskills--our property is hilly, rocky and wooded, except for one small area. But lots of people have farmhouses and cottages that are garden-friendly.

 I do a bit of gardening in Massachusetts. After my trip to the nursery Monday, I planted an assortment of containers.

I do have a couple of beds that I added snapdragons to, as well as some blue-flowering perennials. 
I'll take pictures of those later this summer.

The past few mornings I've had my coffee on the deck. It's chilly enough for a sweater, 

but I like to look at this flowering cherry tree. Those blossoms won't last long. Of course, then there will be something else, which is one of the wonderful things about gardening. 


  1. Hello Jen:
    We very much like the containers which you show here - all beautifully distressed which is just how we love them to be for, or so we think, that is how they blend into their surroundings and give that appearance of aged timelessness.

    It remains on the cold side here - heating still on - and somewhat damp.

  2. No gardening or sitting outside here at the moment I'm afraid, it's too cold and wet. Your containers look nice, I like the orange pansy - such a lovely bright colour.

  3. lots of colour coming your way. loving that your having coffee on your deck already.
    the festival sounds like it will bring fresh hopes.

  4. Yes, the suitable season for gardening has come.Let's enjoy about it! Your cherry blossoms look so sweet.

  5. Your old containers are lovely, Jen - they look as though they have seen plenty of frost and sunshine.

  6. looks beautiful :)

  7. Would love to visit the town for the garden festivities, but my heart is pulling me to the Clermont Sheep & Wool Showcase that same day. Wishing you all better weather than forecasted!

  8. I love planting out annuals in the hope of warmer weather - still winter here in California!

  9. The festival sound like so much FUN!! What a charming idea. Have fun!

  10. You've got some nice pots there Jen. I've never really been into gardening myself, but it think it must be so good for you. I so much love cherry blossoms!

  11. How beautiful the cherry tree looks Jen! It must be delicious sitting outside once more with a cup of coffee and a magazine. Unfortunately no spring weather in Holland yet. I hope to follow your example soon :-)!

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  12. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments--you brighten my life!

    Some of you mentioned my "distressed" (Hattatts) pots that have seen their share of "frost and sunshine" (Mise). I do love those battered pots; I guess I'm pretending I live in an ancient crumbling European village and not colonial New England!

    As for coffee on the deck, it's gotten chilly here again too--it seems like I blink and the temperature drops 30 degrees. But that's spring...

    Ashling--the sheep and wool showcase sounds fabulous. I hope you will take pictures and post about it.

    I am off to the Catskills tomorrow morning. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



  13. So nice to see your beautiful flowers and pots. I also noticed the little flower growing from the brick that we read about the other day. The garden festival sounds very fun. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  14. Wish I lived in your part of the world.I would love to have visited the garden festival.We have had so much rain here I have barely got out into the garden.

  15. Lovely pictures and very, very, very nice pots! The festival sounds fun - wish I could join you and get some seeds and see everyone out! The cherry tree is awesome. In Italy the cherries are already as big as a fingertip! I am looking forward to your flower pics in summer! Start well into the new week! Christa