Tuesday, December 6, 2011

After the floods (during which he was up to his neck in water) the Freshtown Bear became something of a mascot for Margaretville. Freshtown is a small supermarket chain that bought out the Margaretville store from a much larger chain. It was pretty ratty, as supermarkets go, and the Freshtown people put a ton of money into making it nice and being supportive of the community, including carrying local products. Then they, and many other businesses got flooded out. They have not yet reopened, but are working on it. Main Street merchants gussied the bear up for the holidays and put up a tree nearby.

My friend George cut the tree. A towing company sent a flatbed to pick it up. An electrician donated his time. Everyone contributed ornaments, many handmade. We had a tree-lighting ceremony Saturday and lots of people showed up. It was all very sweet and Charlie Brownish.

School children painted the windows on some of the buildings that are still closed due to flood damage.

Lights are up all over town, even on a block that has no power. There are are a lot of extension cords in use--I'm sure building codes are being violated, but it sure looks nice.


  1. where there is kind dedicated people, there is hope...
    a wonderful post Jen : )

  2. Now this is team spirit, or should I say community spirit. Awesome!

  3. This post is somehow overlapped with the matters of Japanes area where earthquake and tsunami stroke. And I'm glad to see the lights.
    Thank you for sharing the nice and warm pictures.

  4. Such a heartwarming story about a wonderful town. Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing it.

  5. that's what's so nice about small villages!