Tuesday, December 20, 2011

keeping it simple (at home)

The White Rabbit Mantle

The Kitchen Table

The Tree
(Which in this photo appears to be tilting more than it really does. I think.)

The Cat (shown on the dining room table, but she likes to move around)
We are spending Christmas weekend in the Catskills, but since I will be in Massachusetts for most of the holiday season, I put up a tree here and did a bit of decorating.  I always put colored lights on a big pine tree outside. I've been taking walks in the evening, and enjoying the lights--they cheer up the long winter nights.


  1. Hello Jen:
    Oh how the scent of the pine must be filling your rooms. It is the most gloriously evocative aroma, just perfect for creating a festive mood.

  2. I love your mantle and the tree looks great with just the right amount of "stuff".
    Have a great Christmas Jen!

  3. Everything looks great!! I love the tree and the cat.

  4. I remember the cat well. She is holding a bottle for pine now. So cute! And your room with the Rabbit Mantle looks warm and beautiful.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. your "simple" is simply lovely !

    Merry Christmas season my friend !

    - KAT -

  6. Merry X-Mas from switzerland

    Jacqueline ♡


  7. Pretty tree, Jen. Enjoy the holiday safe and warm!!