Friday, December 30, 2011

flower shop inspiration

While in Manhattan, I decided to visit stores that would give me ideas for my own, since I'm planning to do some painting and shelf-building (and you know I will be asking your advice in the coming weeks). I left the hotel and started walking downtown. Hustling down Lafayette Street with my eye on a vintage clothing store, this window caught my eye. 
And a pretty sign announcing the name of the store: Adore FloralThe owner kindly allowed me to take pictures.

 This wall is to the left when you walk through the door. I love the barnwood look of the shelves and the mix of items on display. The terrariums were especially fresh and pretty.

Here you can see the wall from the other side of the store. 

I wish I had a better picture of the most wonderful giraffe who is peering out the window.

Here you can see the other end of the store, and to the left, the counter behind which the floral work gets done. It smelled so wonderful in there--green and earthy and flowery and fresh.

It felt vibrant. I wish I could have fresh flowers in my store. Big buckets with bouquets of wildflowers like they have at the farmers market would be perfect.

 The displays of small items for sale are whimsical and creative.

I bought a coral colored deer. (Apparently I'm starting to collect deer.)

What I took away from Adore (besides thoughts of barnwood shelves) is that it feels alive and loved. Not all stores feel that way, and I think it's very important.


  1. What a sweet shop. I could work there v. easily.

    Couldn't you carry buckets of local flowers in the shop?

    Wrap them in newspaper and tie it with a piece of raffia?

    Flowers go well with everything!

    xo jane

  2. oh my, look at this adorable shop! and it's in my own city...jeez I gotta get out more. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to reading yours. I dream of finding a little cottage in your neeck of the woods someday.

  3. What a lovely little floral shop! Since I have never visited NYC, I think I have the misconception of everything being edgy, contemporary in the big city. Of course, I know that isn't the case since big cities are just made up of little neighborhoods just like the small town where I live! One day plan to visit there and see how the real New Yorkers live. I so enjoy reading about your adventures with the store (as well as living vicariously through your other travels!) and love reading the comments and input from others. I think Jane has a great idea... just fill a galvanized bucket with flowers from the area. Whether the flowers sell or not... what enjoyment having them there will bring! Sending you lots of good wishes from down South for a safe, healthy, happy 2012! Susan

  4. yes...indeed...everything is better with a little true love !

    - KAT -

  5. You guys are brilliant--I am definitely incorporating the local flowers/ newspaper/raffia/ galvanized buckets idea into my store revision!

  6. It's such a great idea Jen. One of the things that always causes me to linger in a shop are sweet and light scents.

  7. What a pretty little shop. Love the bath (trough?) on legs. Have a happy new year full of smiles and precious memories. M x

  8. Wow, the shop is gorgeous.I bet you have plenty of inspiration now from it. Its an unusual lay out and I love the use of unusual things to display the goods on. I could spend hours just looking round shops like this.
    Hope you have a wonderful and happy new year, love, Anne

  9. "Not all stores feel that way, and I think it's very important." I really think so, too.
    When I feel something creative and alive as you felt in the store, I think as if it would be some gift from unwkown person.
    Here it is 22:30p.m. almost the end of this year. I wish you the best in New year.

  10. Jen,
    what a wonderful store, full of great inspiration and lovely things! It's fun to find that in unexpected places. Hope you are having a wonderful New Year!
    Looking forward to lots more visits in the up coming year!

  11. It's the same with blogs and yours is most certainly alive and loved. Happy New Year.

  12. Love the colors of the shop, the bright patches of pink and green. Absolutely, the spirit of the owner will imbue the shop with a special feeling. Wishing your ongoing venture and very Bonne Annee!