Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a little bit of fun

A while back, when I wrote about this yellow table and green chairs, Mise commented, "The yellow table looks indomitably cheerful, as though it were waiting expectantly for a group of happy children for sandwiches and jelly." Since then, I've thought of it, in my American way which is not as lyrical as the Irish way, as The Peanut Butter and Jelly table. And this weekend, I looked around at the furniture sitting in the store, and did this:

This table is mahogany, but has drop leaves and is small and rather sleek.
(Inside I wrote, "good for writing novels and cleaning shotguns.")

Not very elegant, but neither am I. And it was fun. So thank you Mise, for the inspiration, and the rest of you for being such good company and inspiring me in your own special way(s).


  1. Hello dear Jen:
    This, or these, are WONDERFUL. What an interesting and imaginative approach to labelling some of your furniture for sale. If it were at all possible and we were with you in your store, then we should buy EVERYTHING having been so captivated by your alluring descriptions. Do not put yourself down for a minute. Your labels are elegant, enticing and great, great fun. We love it all.

  2. Hi there,
    I found you today via Mise's comments. I am Irish and have recently moved to M.A. My new favourite thing to do is browse vintage/consignment stores. Its becoming an obsession. Your store looks delightful. It will be put on my places to visit list. I love those signs, and the yellow table.

  3. i sense of humor is always appreciated Jen!
    i would love to visit your lvoely shop one day ...

  4. I love it! I'm sure it will make your customers smile and use their imaginations-- brilliant idea. Did you finalize the details on your sign, by the way?

  5. "cleaning shotguns" -- I like it!

  6. Vintage jane--Thank you!

    Jane and Lance--So glad you enjoyed it--that means a lot to me! I wish you could visit in person, but this way you get to visit without leaving home.


    Demie--The older I get the more I value a sense of humor...

    Anne--sign design finalized. I'll post an update soon.

    Rubye Jack--Hemingway did like his shotgun...and there are plenty of them in the Catskills, though probably not owned by my customers.

  7. oh my that is just perfect Jen !
    - KAT -

  8. I would fall for it in a heartbeat.

    You stir the imagination I pull out the check card.

    xo Jane

  9. I've never seen such a lovely store. The messages make me imagine new owners. I wish if I would be one of them.

  10. Such a wonderful idea! I love it all. Your descriptions make it all so romantic. I want to take it all home.

  11. Thanks, Kat--you fun-loving creative gal!

    Jane--you are too easy! You'd be one of the customers I talk out of buying things. (Have I mentioned I'm not a good salesperson?)

    Renee--thanks--you are so sweet!

    Oh Haricot, you are too kind. But you make me want to do better, make the store nicer.

    In My WIld Eden--so glad you like it. Let's see if anyone actually reads them. :)

  12. Love it all. I'd love to come and visit your shop sometime, maybe one day....

  13. What a wonderful idea - it really personalizes the items and gives everything its own identity and character - I would fall for the notes and leave your shop with a truck-load of dreams in the form of furniture. And I'm delighted to have inspired you!

  14. I am looking at my tables in an entirely new way now. What an original idea.