Sunday, December 18, 2011

I went to an auction

I haven't been to an auction for a while. The store is full and business is slow, but I found myself missing them, and as I am in Massachusetts this weekend, I went to my favorite auction. I took some pictures as I unloaded the car and moved things to their various holding areas.
Nice old red bench with pegged legs.

Muffin stand.

Very old (early 19th century) yarn winder.
The base of the yarn winder--a big old hunk of wood.

A bunch of metal things.

Fabulous fifties chalkware figures. I lay the guy on top of the shrine. Not sure what it's for. A candle?

An old needlepoint and a newish oil painting. I also got a bunch of cool frames, which probably wasn't a good idea as I never know what to do with them.

I'm starting to collect these early photographic portraits. I find them interesting and moving in a strange way.

I have a fantasy of having occasional small exhibitions in the store, organized around a theme.

This is my favorite find. A toddler ice chair. The tot sits inside and the parents push it when skating.

What is your favorite?



  1. Hello Jen:
    This really is an eclectic mix with, we think, something to appeal to everyone. We are interested to read that you call what we should describe as a 'cake stand' a 'muffin stand'. Whatever, it is a very attractive one with pleasing sweeping lines. The chalkware figures are very strange but we like them enormously.

    Empty picture frames can, as an idea, be graded in size and hung centrally one within another on a wall to create quite an interesting effect, particular where the frames themselves are all different in style and colour.

  2. I love the yarn winder - such a very honest item, and a challenge to upcycling bloggers everywhere - what would one do with it, I wonder?

  3. Dear Jane and Lance-The muffin/cake stand is quite petite. The top shelf would fit a six inch plate. Nice for petit fours, maybe? Does anyone still eat petit fours? It really is a sweet piece. I love your suggestion for the picture frames--thank you!

    Mise--I have a feeling there are bloggers out there who would use it for its original purpose. It also has sculptural appeal and would look good in a minimalist loft. But it may very well end up covered with birds or mittens!

  4. Ooops what happened today? That was a good brunch after all.

    xo J.

  5. Jane, I'm sorry but I can't talk to you right now. (Football fans will understand). This will be one of those weeks when I don't read the sports section...

    Renees--I know it is so cool! It's probably truly my favorite thing from the auction, because it's so old and utilitarian. The duck just touches me on a nostalgia level.

  6. Actually, I thought the muffin stand was a plant stand, but at first I thought it was an ashtray holder. Anyway, I like it! And the chalk guy. But, my favorite is the toddler ice skating seat. Great finds Jen!

  7. I like the toddler ice skating, too! I imagine what a nice time the parents and the child will have. I like the reddish bench as well. When it is fine it's fun to eat and drink a cup of coffee in the garden.

  8. Rubye--maybe we should just call it a stand! multipurpose...

    Haricot--I think the chair is delightful too! I love your image of coffee in the garden.

  9. Hi Jen
    I love your new treasures here. The peg leg table is very cool.

    - KAT -

  10. Wow. I've never been to an auction, but I think you just convinced me I gotta give it a try. You brought home some amazing items! I love that bench, and that portait, and your metal things..and and, well all of it. :)

  11. Golly, cool stuff! i love that yarn winder. Anything with old wood and metal and a function is on my A list. Also those Moors, so cool! We had a couple of Moor lamps for a while that Bing found on a business trip in Idaho if you can believe it.. are they wall pockets?

  12. Thanks, Kat!

    Nell--you should! If you find the right auction they are a lot of fun.

    Anne--they are made to hand on a wall. The 2 figures don't have pockets or anything. The third piece looks like a little shrine. There's a boxy area to place something in.

  13. Great loot!! I'm hopping around blogs, and found you via Steve at Urban Cottage. Lovely blog (and store) you have!! Will definitely make you a daily stop!

    I just posted about my little Christmas decoration this year, would love for you to stop by if you have a chance!


  14. Jen,
    I haven't been to an auction in so long! They are so fun! You may think this is weird but I really like that "hunk" of wood that the yarn winder sits on and of course, I do like the winder itself! Also the pumpkin painting and the bench! I'd be happy to take any of those home! I'm with you, very obsessed with deer and have to admit, I have quite a few!
    Merry Christmas