Monday, February 27, 2012

flowers in the house

Sometimes when I have a small vase of flowers I move them from room to room with me. These ranunculuses (ranunculi?) spent some time on my desk today.

And on the table next to my favorite reading chair. They will go to the kitchen with me when I make dinner. Speaking of reading, I'm one of those people who reads more than one book at a time. Here's some of what's on my reading table right now.

Nocturnes, a collection of poignant stories by Kazuo Ishiguro, was recommended to me by Haricot, one of my favorite bloggers, who writes movingly of Japanese landscapes and tanka poetry, among other things.

I always have flowers or greens in this spot by the stairs. If you've ever lived in a two-story house you know you go up and down many times a day, so I get to see my flowers often.

I don't often buy irises, because they don't last long, but I love the way they look here. Elegant flowers and wild greens.

Here's something I've been thinking about: I love vases, and have a lot of them at home and in the store (above). But I think flowers often look best in the simplest vases, jars, and pitchers. Fancier, more decorative vases seem to be competing with flowers, and they almost always lose.

This Roseville vase is beautiful, but what could I put in it that wouldn't be fighting with it? Last year I often brought ferns, which grown in abundance on our property, into the store, and they look good in any vase. So is there a simple to fancy ratio between flower and vase that has to be proportionate? I am hoping that Jane, who is hosting the always enjoyable Flowers in the House today, has something to say on the matter.



  1. Jen. first thanks for joining in, love the graceful way you arranged the iris.

    And yes, the decorated vases are often better left to shine on their own BUT come flowering dogwood time, you might want to put a couple branches in there.

    I think you'll fall in love.

    xo jane

  2. A vase as beautiful as this Roseville "should" take dominance over any flowers.

  3. Jen, I think I should visit you in the Catskills... I've never been your vase selection!!!!!!

  4. That Roseville vase is stunning. I like Jane's idea of putting flowering dogwood branches in it; or perhaps some other flowering tree branch would work as well. I think you're right, though, that you don't really want the flowers and the vase competing with one another. Your vignette is a fine solution. And the ranunculus is gorgeous, what a rich color.

  5. What a charming story taking the flowers around like friends... which they really are. The color of the ranunculus is so deep and rich! Incredible! I have never thought about your question but I think the simpler the flowers the fancier the vase may be and of course vice versa. Ferns in you Roseville vase surely look beautiful and precious! Christa

  6. Ranunculus are my favourites. I always move them about with me too. Glad someone else does that. I move them as the sun moves about the house.

  7. sametimes vases are simply beautiful without flowers...
    but there is nothing as beautiful as fresh flowers in the house : )

  8. Hi Jen, definitely agree that flowers generally need simple vases, otherwise the vase competes.Those flowers are so pretty and I love the colour.

  9. lovely floral
    I adore the purple iris!


  10. Beautiful pictures! Your house is so pretty and cozy.

  11. beautiful pics. re: flowers and elaborate vases, I say either keep it simple or go all the way, just don't stay somewhere in the middle. works for almost all kinds of design related things in my opinion :) the worst is when you try something and then get scared halfway.


  12. It's a nice idea to move the small vase with you. And I understand that you bring your books into kitchen often. You are reaing "Noctune"! I look forward to hear your opinion about it. I hope it wont be too poignant for you.

  13. Hi Jen, I love ranunculus's and yours are a wonderful colour. I feel like you about plainer vases for flowers, although in a recent book that I purchased, 'Vintage Flowers', the author has a wonderful array of vintage jugs and containers that she fills with all manner of flowers and they look fantastic. I think it just depends if you are going for a clean or cluttered look.
    Many thanks for your kind comments, I do apologise for the delay in answering, and hope that you are having a wonderful time in the South. Love Linda x

  14. Beautiful, Jen! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos. I carry flowers with me from room to room, too! Such a good idea. : )