Sunday, February 19, 2012

violets (a clue)

Guess what color I painted (part of) the store this weekend? (more on that soon)

I just ordered this DVD--they've been showing it around the Catskills, because Rhinebeck, once the violet capital of the world, is nearby, but I haven't had a chance to see it. I am so excited about it--I love violets. See how easy it is to make me happy? A little info on the history of violets here.


  1. I am one of those easily pleased also Jen. A bunch of flowers can make me happy for the day.

  2. I like cultivated and wild violets very much. Shape, colour( includs white ones)are so lovely! It's a wonderful idea to send a bouquet of violet for St. Valentine.
    Well, you have painted it in violet,Jen?

  3. Oh sounds exciting Jen,
    looking forward to hearing more.

    I love violets too.

    Have a good Monday


  4. I've seen it listed as playing out & about, but haven't seen it share when you've seen it, please!

  5. ??? Lavender? a Deep Purple like mine called Mysterious?

    Did you all get snow?

    We are sunny and the daffs are still opening.

    xo J,

  6. Beautiful violets, love the colours, as you know I am hoping to use all those colours for my garden border.Nothing beats a beautiful flower does it?

  7. Loving the colour, the little video is great, especially the old photos. I painted my bathroom Brassica from Farrow and Ball, sort of a violet colour. Julie xxx

  8. Hi Jen, there must be something in the air! What a great video, so sad the violets have gone from the area, you will have to try and grow some!

    I can't wait to see your walls. I tried to get the Queen's Wreath colour on the website, but it only seemed to list the most popular ones.
    Have a great week, love Linda x