Monday, February 20, 2012

is it periwinkle, violet or lavender?

Apparently I had a bee in my bonnet when I got to the store Friday. It was the start of a holiday weekend and a week when many schools are closed for winter break a/k/a Ski Week, and thus a time when people would come to the Catskills to ski and shop. No store owner in their right mind would close their store at such a time. And then there's me. I know I wore you out with paint colors and store inspiration and crises of confidence and this and that, and my plan was to freshen up the store in the dead of March or the mud of April, not Ski Week. But I walked in the store Friday and thought, "I hate this place" and moved everything somewhere else and hung newsprint over the windows and went to the hardware store. What happened then?

I'm pretty sure the words periwinkle, lavender and violet were not mentioned when we discussed what color(s) I should paint the store. But that's what happened to one wall plus that little window wall.

I'll save details for another post,

but I am happy with the results.

And don't the girls look nice together?


  1. I have a glaze color that same shade and never know if I should call it lavender, periwinkle or violet, either of those, it's a lovely color.

  2. You did it very quickly. I'm surprised and then feel happy with your result. And I look forward to hear more.

  3. It looks beautiful.

    Well done you.

    All the hard work was definitely worth it to come up with something so pretty.


    x Fiona

  4. It looks serene and inviting; looking forward to making my way there one of these weekends!

  5. Wonderful, it looks clean and fresh and warm looking. Well done! Love Linda x

  6. Linda, That color would make a beautiful glaze.

    Haricot, I was surprised too! I had no intention of painting last weekend, but figured I'd better do it while I was still motivated.

    Thanks, Fiona. I have made some mistakes with paint impulses in the past, and I'm glad this one turned out well.

    Ashling, I hope you can make it--would love to meet you.

    Thanks, Linda--it's amazing what a coat of paint can do!

  7. it looks great, whatever the colour is called. and as long as you are happy it doesn't matter when you do it :)


  8. I do love that color! I remember you commented on it when i posted about painting my guest bedroom, with the color being inspired by the Country Living picture... yours looks lovely!

  9. It looks fabulous to me and I love the girlie pics X

  10. Isn't that interesting how all of a sudden one has the solution and the idea? A good job! It seems to me the girls are happy with the outcome as well! BTW: Love that rocking chair! I would buy it immediately! x Christa

  11. Thanks Petra. The actual name of the color is puzzling: Queen's Breath.

    Anne--I want to see that picture again. Maybe I carried it around with me subliminally.

    Anne--so glad you like the girls. THey are sweet.

    Christa--The rocking chair is one of those pieces that people totally fall in love with or they think it is junk. It is from around 1840 and has the original paint. Wish I could send it to you.

  12. I don't know either! But it's such good therapy and so ready for spring! great job!

  13. Jen,
    the color is lovely, very fresh and springlike, good job on a spur of the moment pick! Everything looks great with that as the background color!
    PS. thanks for the sweet comment!

  14. to me it's lavender!
    and I love it!
    and I love you for being such a spontaneous creature... the shop looks gorgeous!

  15. Oh! It's beautiful! It looks so fresh. I think it's the perfect way to welcome spring!

  16. It's perfect! I love that color!

  17. I love that beautiful colour. Perfect for your shop. Am in love with that pretty little headboard. Hope you're having a great week and enjoying the snow! M x

  18. Περαστικά! κι εμένα και τα δύο άρρωστα σχεδόν δύο εβδομάδες. Το 'χει ο μήνας ... iinternational!