Thursday, February 9, 2012

around here

 the smell of hyacinth and coffee fills my kitchen

 still lifes create themselves

 I continue with mixed media projects

I remind myself daily to read poetry and take walks.

I am inward with my books, paints and paper. My last job was as a lawyer, representing mentally ill people. I am writing a book about that, and other things. Writing is hard, lonely work. The store has become my outer life--where I connect with people in a meaningful way. There are so many interesting people in the Catskills--I am friends with farmers and artists--that it is where I am in spirit most of the time, and perhaps why, when I am not there, I obsess over things like what color to paint the store walls. 

Of course Sunday I was not inward at all--that night my team won the Superbowl. Above is a photo approprate for a "home, history, nature" blog, of my quarterback and his wife and baby daughter in her blue gingham dress and red Mary Janes. Gingham and Mary Janes. They look so nice together.



  1. that reminds me to get flowers myself ;)

  2. Hi Jen, really glad you gave up law otherwise we may not have had your lovely blog to read.It's one of my favourites and I can picture your part of the world in my mind.
    Enjoy your week, we are forecast a little more snow and its very cold, trying to keep warm!

  3. wonderful moments.

    i love dipping into my poetry books. snippets of joy.
    i'm writing an astrology book, slooooowly, in-between mothering :)

    thanks for visiting me.

  4. You would enjoy my friend, Danny's book. He recently had it published. He is a poet also and very fun and witty.
    Check out his book " Wilt's Hollow" about some interesting mountain folks. a very interesting little read. he will send you a copy signed for $12.00 check out his Facebook info page


  5. Hello Jen:
    What a multi-layered and multi-talented person you are. It must have been extremely demanding and challenging to work as a lawyer for people with mental issues. So often these very vulnerable members of society have nowhere to turn when it comes to legal matters and yet are perhaps in need of such support more than most.

    What a simply splendid idea to read poetry and walk every day!

  6. I love your mixed media painting!

  7. What a nice design of your life. I'm much more inward than you and about more than ten years older than you, I suppose. Youe enegestic and active blog inspire me a lot. Thank you, Jen.

  8. Petra--the scent of that single hyacinth fills the room, and the color...I love flowers. :)

    Anne--You are so sweet. Stay warm and cozy.

    Monica--Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoy your blog.

    Kat--I love the name "Wilt's Hollow". I will definitely take a look.

    Jane and Lance--Possibly I'm just a dilettante, or so my college advisor said, so many years ago. I have spent most of my working life with people living on the margins, and it is a pleasure to be doing something different now.

    Thank you Elf Renee! They're starting to pile up...

    Haricot--in truth I am a very inward person. Your blog also inspires me--especially your dedication to poetry and to documenting and commenting on the abundant natural beauty that surrounds you.

  9. Who knew? You are a many layered onion Jen.

    And I thought you were just a talented artist.

    Yes, writing as a job would be difficult. But I'm sure v. rewarding if you can stay on point.

    xo jane

  10. I love looking at your poetry shelf. I saw several old friends there!

  11. Jane--it is oh so tempting to say something about how peeling onions makes people cry...As for "talented artist"--kind but undeserved.

    Wild Eden--I feel that way too when I look at them.

  12. a beautiful insight into your home and life Jen!
    your poetry collection includes a lot of my favorites too...

    good luck with your book : )

  13. At a nursery the other day I spent time inhaling hyacinths, they are wonderful, esp with coffee!

  14. what a beautiful glimpse. i counted 5 books on your shelf that are the exact editions sitting on my poetry shelves. enjoy your inward time. it is a gift. and as difficult as the writing is, i hope you enjoy the process. good luck!

  15. Jen,
    your photos are lovely and it's fun to learn something new about you! What a challenging choice you made for a career, helping people that a lot of times have no voice. Enjoying the quiter things in life is sometimes what we need to "recharge our inner self". Good luck on your book, all the alone time and hard work will be worth it in the end!